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5:35 interview with Bloomberg TV. Click on “Related Video and Graphics” to the left to launch video player. Analysis Mental acuity: Lee gives a lucid and convincing explanation of why GIC is investing in banks that have made massive losses. Delivery is slow, and there are occasional pauses while he searches for the right word, […]

What then?


Some of the few public discussions about the fate of post-Lee Singapore. Singapore’s ‘Martyr,’ Chee Soon Juan. Hugo Restall, Far Eastern Economic Review, October 2006. Smutocracy is a facade for democracy. Michael Backman, The Age (Australia), May 17, 2006. Will SG Change After LKY? Discussion in the forum, via Little Speck.



One of the great taboos of Singaporean politics is discussing what will happen once its prime-minister-for-life “Harry” Lee Kuan Yew finally goes to meet his maker. With fear of the Old Man gone, how fast will the concentration of absolute power in the hands of Singapore’s tiny ruling clique corrupt it? Will the squabbles between […]