One of the great taboos of Singaporean politics is discussing what will happen once its prime-minister-for-life “Harry” Lee Kuan Yew finally goes to meet his maker. With fear of the Old Man gone, how fast will the concentration of absolute power in the hands of Singapore’s tiny ruling clique corrupt it? Will the squabbles between the factions of the People’s Action Party finally burst to the surface, with the party splitting into fragments? With no checks and balances to force its hand, will the winning faction allow Singapore to blossom into a real democracy, or will dissent be crushed with a velvet glove or a military jackboot?

These questions are important, but this blog will not try to answer them, although you’re welcome to make your predictions in the comments. Instead, we will set out to predict something altogether simpler: when will old Harry’s formidable mind finally succumb to the senility of old age, and when will his enfeebled body give up the ghost? Using public and private sources, LEEWATCH will track Lee’s mental and physical state and chart the course towards the day when Changi is renamed as Lee Kuan Yew International.

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