Lee: Giving subsidies will not solve Singapore’s problems


Speech at Queenstown Stadium on May 25th, and a brief mention of a sore throat and the upcoming CSJ cross-examination.  Channel News Asia, with video:

MM Lee says giving subsidies will not solve Singapore’s problems

“I read many letters in the press urging subsidies for all manner of things — seat belts for school buses, food for the poor, medical fees and so on. Singapore must remain a competitive society to generate growth year after year.

“The government must ensure that everyone has the highest paid job he is qualified to do. If his salary is below the minimum for a decent life, the government will top up with Workfare. When everybody knows the cost of what he consumes or uses, he will spend his money more to his benefit.”

Mr Lee, who cut short his speech because of a sore throat, said he needed to save his voice for a court case involving Dr Chee Soon Juan on Monday.

“I’ve got to save part of my voice to let him cross—examine me. Of course, in the course of the cross—examination, I have a few things to say,” he said.

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