Partial transcript of Lee’s cross-examination by Chee


The Singapore Democrats have published three parts of the transcript of Lee Kuan Yew’s cross-examination by SDP chief Chee Soon Juan.

MM Lee lost for words during cross-examination by Chee

Why let reality get in the way?

Objection! Objection! Objection!

More heat than light though, and this exchange pretty much sums it up:

Dr Chee: Was in his political situation, and that somehow –

Judge Ang: Your question is disallowed.

Dr Chee: – you had – I beg your pardon, Your Honour?

Justice Ang: The question is disallowed. How is this relevant to the assessment of damages?

Dr Chee: You haven’t even heard my question yet. You haven’t even heard my question. Let me ask the question and then you can disallow it, Your Honour.

The SDP’s opinion:

This was never revealed by the mainstream press. Through clever editing, the Minister Mentor is always portrayed to possess a sharp-tongue and quick-wit. This exchange explodes the myth. It will change the way you see Mr Lee and the whole PAP machinery. Shorn off their media make-up they look and perform very ordinarily.

Update: See Complete transcript of Lee’s cross-examination by Chee for full transcripts.

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