MM Lee’s wife critically ill


As Lee Kuan Yew’s uncharacteristic absence from the public eye continues, his wife Kwa Geok Choo suffers a massive brain hemorrhage (her third) and the end looks near.  This time, the statement was issued with only a day’s delay, but as usual it’s not available to the public.

MM Lee’s wife critically ill

MRS Lee Kuan Yew suffered another stroke while in hospital on Tuesday.

A brief statement from Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s office on Tuesday night said it was a massive haemorrhage.

‘She is currently critically ill, with guarded prognosis for recovery,’ the statement said.

One Response to “MM Lee’s wife critically ill”

  1. As I understand Mrs Lee had been a great supporter for her husband MM LKY eversince they were together. Perhaps Ms Lee Ling Wei as an expert in Medical Neurology can express/write an experiential & most valuable story for a great Singapore’s patient of her own loving mother for public mass education in medical field. To live by “an example” & to share with “wisdom & compassion” to all humankind on earth! As a resident in Singapore I am very concerned about her state of mind-body today. May she rest & let-go everything mindfully with peacefulness. May WE ALL together with her family relatives friends & many others all over the world pray & bless for her present state both physically & mentally as well as HER AFRESHEN JOURNEY AHEAD!!! May she get away all the sufferings with peace of mind!

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