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[Lee Kuan Yew]

An interesting editorial from the Wall Street Journal, tiptoeing carefully around defamation but still stating bluntly that Singapore is not a democracy and implying that Lee is to blame.

Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore can rightly be proud of many achievements, but full democracy is not one of them. The city-state he founded in 1965 and led as Prime Minister until 1990 is economically prosperous and its citizens enjoy a range of freedoms. Political dissent is not among them.

Which makes a recent David vs. Goliath exchange between one of the country’s few opposition politicians and Mr. Lee worth noting. The dialogue took place in a courtroom and is therefore privileged – which means we can report on it without risking a lawsuit, which Mr. Lee often files against critics.

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  1. 1 robert

    It is about time that MM LKY be put under a radar. He is such a critical resource to singapore.
    For over the last 15 years, he has been sitting on the IAP(Int’l advisory panel) of Tootal( a french oil company ), JP Morgan and Daimler Chrysler. In the last 4 years he has added Citibank ( adviser ) and Univ of Moscow. Each of them requires him to attend their board meeting every 3 months. He is probably the only person holding a cabinet position in the world that is sitting on board of commercial companies. Singaporeans will definitely have to judge for themselves how much time he is devoted to the affairs of singapore. Of course, the remunerations he receives from these companies are never known.
    Furthermore he has said that he usually sleeps at 2 – 3 am and wakes up at 11 am. It would be good to monitor how many of the parl sitting does he attend in the morning.
    But then, he is after all LKY , the special one in all of human civilisation

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