Transcript part Vll – M. Ravi vs LKY


The final part of the Lee vs Chee transcript (courtesy of Martyn See), containing Chee’s lawyer M. Ravi’s cross-examination of Lee Kuan Yew.

Ravi : Mr Lee, I would like to give you a quote, “Never chase a lie, let it alone and it will run itself to death.” Do you agree with that? That quote is from Lyman Beecher. Have you heard of that, Mr Lee?

LKY : I’ve heard many similar such phrases and I get endless advice from Western correspondents that if I just ignore the opposition, it will just become completely meaningless. I take a contrary view. I know the mentality and the attitudes of the people in Singapore, and they know me by now that if anybody impugns the integrity of the government of which I was a Prime Minister, I am (inaudible) sued and I must demand that either the court finds that those defamatory words true in which case I’m demolished or there’s a penalty.

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