Chee Soon Juan: Has Singapore been cheated?


Chee Soon Juan’s new book A Nation Cheated touches on the official history of Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP.  CSJ’s speech, as quoted on the SDP website:

The picture that emerged was one not quite the story that I heard and read growing up. In a nutshell, the Professor’s [Tim Harper] account was that the people of Singapore wanted Lim Chin Siong as their leader but the British would not allow it and wanted Lee Kuan Yew instead.

So we have two versions of what happened: one written written by a disinterested, third-party academic and based on verifiable de-classifed papers, and the other by Lee Kuan Yew who still has vested personal interests in telling these events. I do not think I would be far wrong if I say that the majority of people would look to the former for a more accurate and objective account of that part of history.

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