Medicine a calling and not just a career


A remarkable duet of hagiography.  First a self-satisfied article by Lee Kuan Yew’s granddaughter Lee Wei Ling:

My needs are simple and I live a spartan life. I choose to practise in the public sector because I want to serve all patients without needing to consider whether they can pay my fees.

I try not to judge others who demand an expensive lifestyle and treat patients mainly as a source of income. But when the greed is too overwhelming, I cannot help but point out that such behaviour is unethical.

And then a positively adulatory letter from a reader in response:

When I read Sunday’s article, ‘Medicine is not just a career, but a calling’,by Dr Lee Wei Ling, I felt compelled to express my respect for Dr Lee’s compassion and her dedication to her patients.

Dr Lee’s compassion and high moral integrity would have made her parents, Mr and Mrs Lee Kuan Yew, very proud of her. I sincerely hope my daughter will be a compassionate doctor with high moral integrity, like Dr Lee.

Older readers may recall that that Lee Wei Ling’s spartan lifestyle includes a S$2.7 million condo in Scotts 28, purchased at a special discount from Hotel Properties Ltd.

8 Responses to “Medicine a calling and not just a career”

  1. “I want to serve all patients without needing to consider whether they can pay my fees.”

    Is this a case for public hospitals now? I guess i can’t say i can’t pay her fees but at the same time for those who can, does tat justify the need for high price?

  2. 2 LY Lim

    Dear Dr. Lee Wei Ling,
    Thank you for choosing to practise in the public sector, indeed all patients need not consider if they can afford your fees.
    I have been reading your articles in the Straits Times, especially since the article about a dream around 3Q 2010, while you were caring for your mother.
    God Bless

  3. 3 patriot

    Adulatory letters are common for people in power, here in Lee Kuan Yew Watch, we have die hard ones.


  4. 4 LY Lim

    Dear Dr. Lee Wei Ling,
    As a concerned citizen, I like to encourage you to spend more time with your father by joining him on his private or business engagements. Perhaps you can also organise for him with his grand children as well. It will be nice to spend more time talking with him.
    The photograph of your father holding a puppy Labrador retriever, Bonnie given by British Conservative leader Alec Douglas, looks good and happy.

  5. 5 LY Lim

    Dear Dr Lee Wei Ling,

    I read with interest your article on 27-3-11 regarding “Flood Woes”, as I recalled fondly those carefree days as a child in my kampong. On a couple of occasions while on my way home, I had to jumped across a flooded drain after the makeshift bridge of wooden plank was swept away by the torrents. Alas, I did not make it and was caught by rushing waters but by God’s grace I managed to pull myself out by grabbing onto some weeds some distance downstream.

    Some recent observations during dry days, I found dead leaves along roadsides were piling onto drain gratings and I suppose many would just slip through the gratings ending up in a bigger pile somewhere down there. Flood hazard I would say.

  6. 6 p.ragu

    Dearest Heavenly Father my Interceeding Christ,HolySpirit,the above prayer that i sent or posted,having some spelling mistakes,it supposed to all this we pray and commit unto our Saviour ChristJesus.and the words psals is supposed to be PSALMS 23 forgive me for the errors,as i was typing fast,dear leeweiling please do remember to pray for peilee of traxx fm,for good health in her,amen amen amen.from p.ragu or Ragau.

  7. 7 LY Lim

    Ref: At Oxley Road we value the frugal life

    Dear Ms. Lee,

    I appreciate your sharing and am touched by your frankness. Not many people are bold enough to talk about intimate details like washing underwear.

    You should know that although most of us are silent but we love your parents very much.

    God bless.

  8. 8 Anonymous

    Dear Lee WL,

    I believe you are an altruistic doctor and a good person. People will always be judged because everyone of us are of different constitution hence expectations and standards. We are as good as our conscience is true and not what is alluded by detractors. Keep up yhe good work Doc! And God bless.

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