MM Lee says S’pore needs more diversity to cater to different strengths of students


After some three weeks of silence, Lee resurfaces at Nanyang Poly.  CNA (with video):

SINGAPORE: Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has said the country needs to become a more diverse economy providing students with different outlets that fit their strengths and interests.

Minister Mentor Lee said: “We now have to try and bring up people who do not necessarily do well in the universities but who will do well in life. That’s the concentration that we should give because people who go to university, (they make up) about 25 per cent, (people who go to) poly (technic), about forty plus per cent, and you have special schools, arts, sports schools and so on. You’ve got to go in that direction.”

Best quote in the video, courtesy of a student: “I want to stay relevant to the system.”

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