Singapore will most likely be part of China


Alex Au opines on Singapore’s increasing sinification, and why Lee Kuan Yew has made this topic a taboo.  Yawning Bread:

People look at me in disbelief each time I say that in two generations’ time, Singapore will most likely be part of China. Of course, it’s actually more complicated than that: The process will be very gradual and it will occur in tiny steps, each of which will look either like the best possible decision at the time it is made, or merely a natural accommodation to reality. …

My one grouse is that our government is doing nothing to prepare our ethnic minorities for this future. Our ministers are trapped in the mindset of Lee Kuan Yew, whose political baptism of fire in the 1960s taught him to treat race and language as so utterly sensitive that they are almost non-negotiable. Any new thinking gets short shrift. I’m sure ministers will recoil in horror, imagining racial riots and blood on our streets, should anyone suggest that our schools should offer Chinese as the default second language for all, unless the parents opt out.

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    I belive in a matter of time Singapore will be free to proclaim independence from China. Of course the roots cannot be cut like a rope, moreover it was Xiaxüe that claimed to be of Singaporean descent as “dirty”, fastidious and usually of sentosian ancestry. She clearly is interessánt!

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