Mr Lee and the conflict of interest


The Singapore Democrats point out “the hyperactive, rainbow-coloured gorilla jumping up and down, screaming and poking them in the eyes right in the middle of the living room.”

Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s appointments as an international advisor to corporations such as JP Morgan, Total, DaimlerChrysler (now defunct) and Citigroup have gone largely unnoticed by most in Singapore, until now that is. Especially noteworthy for obvious reasons is Mr Lee’s role in Citigroup. …

Maybe, the reticence is because it didn’t cross anyone’s mind that there is actually something called conflict of interest. Be that as it may, that was then and this is now. The now is when we learn that in January 2008 the GIC, chaired by Mr Lee, had poured into Citigroup S$10 billion of our funds.

3 Responses to “Mr Lee and the conflict of interest”

  1. 1 Ang Moh

    Are you all really that surprised after all Lee Kuan Yew the founder of modern Singapore, learned the Japanese language and worked for Japan’s propaganda agency during the occupation of Singapore. He is a survivor, not and Idol or a God.

  2. 2 q

    How about Lim Bo Seng?

  3. 3 Ang Moh

    also known as Tan Choon Lim, he is a man of great standing and should forever be remembered for his sacrifice…often he is forgotten by Singaporeans, Malaysians and the British.

    His endevours in India and his travels and work throughout Malaysia should forever be remembered.

    Also what ever became of Chua Koon Eng? He is probably dead, but may have played a key roll in First Legislative Council under an assumed name, alias.

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