Reader question: Does LKY live at the Istana?


A reader asks: I’ve been searching for the SOURCE that says “LKY lives at the Istana” but to no avail. I KNOW for a fact that SR Nathan does not live there, and I am 70% sure that LKY does, but I simply cannot find where it says so. His daughter has mentioned before that they live in an old pre-war house in Oxley Road (I might be wrong on this as well), but I am pretty sure that is not the case.

LEEWATCH:  An interesting question.   The Lees’ property holdings are extensive and include the famous “HPL” apartment (Unit #20-05, 28 Scotts Rd, purchase price $2,791,500 in 1995).  As per the court transcript of last year’s Lee vs Chee case, his registered address is 38 Oxley Road:

Singh : You are Lee Kuan Yew, NRIC number 0000003E, of 38, Oxley Road, Singapore?

LKY : Yes.

The road in question is blocked to through traffic, with several Gurkhas stationed around the clock in front of his house.

During his years as Prime Minister, the Sri Temasek bungalow on the grounds of the Istana was his official residence, although the Lees never moved in and the bungalow in fact fell into disrepair prior to its recent restoration.  However, it is also known that Lee Kuan Yew’s office has been at the Istana since 1971.   He certainly has access to bedrooms there and, at least on occasion, has used them as well.  Now that his wife has been hospitalized and his own health is slowly failing, it seems unlikely that he would subject himself to a daily commute between Oxley and the Istana, since he still conducts all official business at the Istana.

Thus the answer: no, Lee Kuan Yew does not officially live at the Istana, but in practice, yes, he probably does spend most of his time there.

10 Responses to “Reader question: Does LKY live at the Istana?”

  1. 1 heha

    Just curious, how did Lee Kuan Yew bought such a valuable oxley road bungalow and at what price?
    that bungalow is worth at least 200 million now

  2. 2 Low

    He probably bought it in the late 50’s when it was dirt cheap then (that area was not prime at that time). Previously LKY was living in one of the old colonial houses fronting Neil Road which was a family property. This was the reason why he chose to run for the Tanjong Pagar Constituency in the first and all subsequent elections that he is contesting.

  3. 3 cy

    Just curious, who is NRIC S0000001X ?

  4. 4 Jim


    That is the Six Million dollar Question !!! Ya, a damn good question indeed !

  5. 5 Anonymous

    S00000001 is yusof ishak and 2 is his wife, similarly lky’s wife is 4

  6. 6 neversaydie

    who is S00000007

  7. 7 ISD Chief

    S00000007 is the head of ISD. shhhhh….

  8. 8 Anonymous

    Where does lee kuan yew live s

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