Life would be much easier if..


Lee Hsien Loong gets grilled about family connections, in a way that the local media would never dare to do. Some unintentional irony in the “not the way things work in Singapore” response there: it’s not that people can blame the Lees instead of the GLCs, it’s that people can’t (publicly) blame either.  Straits Times:

JONATHAN HEAD: Your own family has been quite involved in two of these funds. Your wife until recently ran Temasek, your father’s deeply involved in GIC. Is there a risk that when the news is bad, as it has been over the past year for these funds, that people will tend to blame your family rather than look at the institutions?

PM LEE: I think the way you put it is not the way things work in Singapore. The Minister Mentor is chairman of GIC not because he is my father. It’s because he is the best man for the job and he has been chairman since he was Prime Minister.

And Ho Ching is CEO of Temasek not because she’s my wife but because the chairman of Temasek, who’s Mr Dhanabalan, and the board decided that they wanted to appoint her as CEO.

The original interview is up on BBC.

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