MM Lee describes Singapore’s future at NUSS lecture


Lee Kuan Yew on the future of Singapore.  The unsaid “we” is, of course, the Chinese.  CNA:

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew painted a picture of the future on Friday at a National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) lecture, on the topic of “Singapore and Singaporeans – Quarter Century From Now”. …

Mr Lee said: “We are caught in a bind – we’ve got to decide this is our country, our society and we must remain the majority. Yes, we will take immigrants; yes, we will take talented people, but we must be the majority.

“Otherwise, they will change us if they are the majority. So I think 25 years from now, Singapore will be more cosmopolitan because we’ve got many people from China, India, Malaysia and from the region. We have European children doing National Service.”

Brief video also linked to CNA article.

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  2. 3 We are blessed.

    “We” means singaporeans. why would he worry if its referring to “chinese”? since there are no problems getting chinese nationals to come to singapore. he is afraid our culture is diluted or adsorbed by the new citizens. now that made a lot of sense.

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