S’pore’s meritocratic edge


Lee Kuan Yew gives a standard-issue lecture at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Academy.  Straits Times:

MINISTER Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has urged Singaporeans not to delude themselves that they are a part of the First World in South-east Asia.

Singapore is situated in a region with ‘special features’ which makes it particularly vulnerable, so to keep its competitive edge and be relevant to the world, it must stay a cohesive, multiracial, multireligious nation based on meritocracy, he said.

‘Our region has its own special features. Singapore’s destiny would be very different if we were sited in Europe or North America.

‘We cannot transplant our island elsewhere. Therefore, a recurrent issue for Singapore is how to differentiate ourselves from our neighbours in order to compete and survive, and also get along with them,’ he said.

Abstract and quotes available at ST site.

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