MM Lee launches book by Infosys founder Murthy


The kind of news the Government loves best: successful foreign people saying nice things about Singapore, and nodding sagely while Lee tells them why they are inferior. CNA, with video:

“Singapore is a real example of a country that has transformed herself from a third world country to a first world country in my own lifetime. All in, an environment of peace and harmony in a multicultural world, thanks of course to a cadre of aspirational and value-based leadership which has indeed led by example,” said Mr Murthy.

Mr Lee said: “There are limitations in the Indian constitutional system and the Indian political system that prevents it from going at high speed.

“I did not realise it until we engaged India closely. Since then we have realised that whatever the political leadership may want to do, it must go through a very complex system at the centre, and then even a more complex system in the various states.

“So Indians will go at a tempo which is decided by their constitution, by their ethnic mix, by their voting patterns and the resulting coalition governments, which makes for very difficult decision making.”

4 Responses to “MM Lee launches book by Infosys founder Murthy”

  1. 1 q

    The question is: high speed to where? and who gets to decide the destination?

  2. 2 tian

    Of course. And SG should be justifiably proud. MM Lee said nothing wrong

  3. 3 q

    Do you understand the Indian people and what they want?

  4. 4 q

    What should SG be proud of?

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