Magazine appeals Singapore defamation ruling


It took half a year, but as previously announced, Dow Jones has now appealed the ruling against FEER for defaming the Lees.  AFP:

Peter Low, a lawyer for the Far Eastern Economic Review (FEER), argued there was nothing in the article, published in 2006, that defamed the Lees.

The Lees had sued editor Hugo Restall and Review Publishing over the article, based on an interview with Chee Soon Juan, secretary-general of the opposition Singapore Democratic Party (SDP).

Singapore’s High Court last September ruled that the magazine defamed the Lees by suggesting they were corrupt.

The magazine is now asking the three-judge Court of Appeal to overturn the High Court’s ruling.

Decisions by the Court of Appeal are final and this will be FEER’s last legal avenue.

“The article is more about misgovernance than corruption,” Low, the FEER lawyer, said in court.

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