Malaysia visit roundup from Malaysia Insider


The Malaysia Insider has an interesting series of articles on Lee Kuan Yew’s visit, his focus on Malaysia’s ascendant opposition and the UMNO reaction:

Kuan Yew learns about how a Pakatan government operates

Lee was also interested in the relationship between the PR partners and the direction the federal opposition was heading in.

Sources told The Malaysian Insider that Lee was assessing if it was even possible for PR to one day take over the federal government.

Kuan Yew curious about PAS’s foreign policy

National unity and foreign policy were the topics that dominated the discussion between Singapore’s Minister Mentor and PAS leaders last night.

Mahathir plays down significance of LKY’s visit

Asked what he thought about the legendary Singaporean leader’s meeting with local politicians, Dr Mahathir said curtly: “It’s his right to meet.”

One Response to “Malaysia visit roundup from Malaysia Insider”

  1. 1 Robert King

    I vaguely remember that LKY once said he could not work with a PAS govt.

    Now there is a 50-50% chance that the opposition may win the 13th General Election.
    LKY has to re-assess the situation.
    Singapore & Malaysia are closely related in various fields.
    LKY would like close relationship to continue so that both sides benefit.

    Did Najib call LKY to come to help get Chinese votes???
    Can LKY now influence the Chinese votes in Malaysia? Very little.

    Whether UMNO led BN win or lose depend largely on the Malay who comprise 55% of the votes.
    But if the Malay votes are equally split, then BN has a problem.
    It looks to me that Opposition will get 80% of Chinese votes and 70% of Indian votes in the 13 GE.
    But the unfair delineation of Parliamentary seats by Election Commission will
    help UMNO/BN
    BN had NEVER won 2/3 the votes but it had won 2/3 of Parliament seats except in 2008.

    My take & feeling is that MALAYSIANS of all races want a Change because of massive corruption in UMNO/BN leaders.
    a 2 Party System is good for Check & Balance and the Nation/People.
    Mahathir and families have amassed billions.
    Malaysians are deeply divided by UMNO racist policies.
    Malaysians are quite educated and knowledgeable now.

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