Developing S’pore-M’sia ties must be a long-term commitment: MM Lee


Lee Kuan Yew speaks out after the first half of his Malaysia trip.  CNA:

Mr Lee said no private investor would go into huge projects like Iskandar Malaysia and the proposed third bridge linking Singapore and Johor unless there is long-term stability in policy.

Mr Lee, who kicked off his week-long visit to Malaysia in the federal capital Kuala Lumpur, said he has been meeting both leaders in the government and the opposition to get a feel of the new situation under Prime Minister Najib Razak.

He said: “I had to emphasise that it cannot be co-operation today and non-co-operation next year and then backwards and forwards, because these are very big investments both in the Iskandar region and the third bridge to Desaru in the East Coast – from Desaru up to Mersing until Kuantan and Pekan.

“It does not make sense to us if at the same time they punish us by making us barge sand from Vietnam. It’s no benefit to them, it’s just to cause us extra losses. The final balance must be fair on both sides and not just specific selective areas.” …

Mr Lee was also asked for his views on the outcome of last year’s general election in Malaysia. He said it has been a tectonic shift and the analysis has been that the urban Malays voted this time for the opposition together with the Chinese and Indian voters.

He added that much will depend on how the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition reacts to this changing trend of Malay voters.

Mr Lee said: “In the towns, they are now well educated and many engineers and professionals have joined to become members of PAS or Parti Keadilan and they are patient people.

“Year by year, there will be more people moving from the countryside to the towns, therefore more and more people will be educated and will be sceptical and critical. So they are quite sure time is on their side.”

Bit of an insult there — is he implying that UMNO supporters are uneducated and uncritical?

2 Responses to “Developing S’pore-M’sia ties must be a long-term commitment: MM Lee”

  1. 1 Mizani

    Just like our Dr M, Mr Lee will said things as it is. Even though I may not like it, I would say what he said is correct.

  2. 2 mike

    working with the singapore govt
    is like inviting the malay land and honour to be invaded.know and acknowledge your weaknesses malay
    and you will understand and know the truth.
    look what happen to the singapore malay.
    they are speechless human being

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