No Country for Old Men


Asia Sentinel reports on the results of Lee Kuan Yew’s Malaysia trip.

Lee Kuan Yew, the 85-year-old patriarch and minister mentor of Singapore, might have thought he was taking a pleasant eight-day valedictory lap across several Malaysian states last week, but it has turned out to be anything but.

Not only did Mahathir release a blazing attack on Lee, but Mahathir’s former political secretary Matthias Chang, writing in a publication called Suara Keadilan [link to story], said even worse, saying that, “To many anti-colonial fighters of the third world, Lee Kuan Yew was contemptuously referred to as “ivory-skin Englishman” who “was and still is perceived as the lackey of the British power elites.”

Kuan Yew’s dream, Chang wrote, of “being the Overlord of Malaysia, comprising of Peninsula Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah was shattered and he has to be content with being a bully of a city state! Given such a traumatic experience, and possessing a vindictive disposition, it is a given that Lee Kuan Yew would harbor a secret agenda against Malaysia. And over the years, he has sowed and continues to sow discord among the races in Malaysia.”

But the Sentinel also points out that in many ways, all this has more to do with internal Malaysian politics than LKY himself:

Lee’s visit appears bound to stir up additional tensions between Mahathir and Najib Tun Razak, Malaysia’s prime minister, who extended the invitation to Lee and who has publicly said he wants cooperation with the island republic, especially over the massive Iskandar development at the bottom of Johor state which was begun by former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, which is being built partly on Singapore money.

4 Responses to “No Country for Old Men”

  1. 1 eng ah por

    For matt chang all that can be said is that a well fed dog is always wagging its tail for its master.

  2. 2 David Leong

    Tell me what is the standard of people living as compared to Singapore all in all today? Singapore has zero natural resources while Malaysia is very rich in it. But Singapore is very rich in people’s talents (brains) who run the country excellently up to doors each residents’ steps regardless local or foreigners while Malaysia fails miserably about upgrading not only among Malays & Bumiputra especially in Eastern Malaysia, they deny Malaysians minorities in their national education manners yet they accuse Chinese being unfair & expected to go back their ancestral homeland China one day. I think Mahathir is an extremist playing the political races cards right from the beginning in his, & I think, his first book about Malays Dilemma. If he were to debate with LKY as a sideline topic testing about intelligence, I think he would bring shame to Malays as a whole. Luckily that never had happened in actual life. Why? Because he denied LKY right from the beginning in his heart. He even afraid Singaporeans whether Singapore Malays or Chinese or others to take over Johor State economically! What a great joke on earth! For that matter, he likes to keep a distance from LKY so that he remains the idol in Malaysia still otherwise he is easily being overshadowed by Lee. After Tan Siew Sin as Financial Minister; where is/are Chinese stands in Malaysia? Are Malaysia local Chinese or Indian for that matter short of talents or intelligence than Malays? Ask Lim Kit Siang, he knows better than anyone in Malaysia! Look at all the governments’ departments; they are flooded with UMNO Malays people whom the tax payers pay for their living without any effectiveness! Mahathir even had to personally set up an example to clock the working card to remind Malays to behave themselves. What a shame it is indeed! What kind of productivity when Mahathir built the twin towers & the white elephant Putra Jaya for the next 100 years? I feel Malaysia cannot or will not even reach 2020 target & he was talking 100 years from now. Talents people turn away from Malaysia & they are so many depending Singapore for employments daily yet Mahathir once spoke of he would rather turned on the water & drained into the sea than supplying to Singapore people & one can imagine he is a medical doctor by professional yet he dared to say this because he misjudges about mutual agreement signed earlier. He couldn’t even pass a proper baton to 5th Malaysia PM & he surely he had failed as a wiser & powerful 4th Malaysia PM. He can only be said as PM of UMNO. Look around one will find there are many Malaysia born Ministers or MP in Singapore. As regard to Singapore Malays, he is wrong about them in general. Singapore Malays are much hard working people & much clever than those who knocked off at 3.00 p.m. to avoid traffic jam even in rural Sabah & Sarawak! Hahaha! Those governemntal servants are also masters of their car parking. I know it because many of my relatives & friends are doing that. There are countless things can be described the weak & poor Malaysia national policies & racial & religious discrimination! I think I have been talking too much already!

  3. 3 ME

    Bruce lee would kill lky because of his embrassing and non humane actions which causes the reputation of lee to become terrfying in order to destroy someone like lee you would need his determinated and intelliegence and the same way he made singapore to use it to destroy his establishments and kick some sence into singaporeans by knowing they are totally brainwashed .
    LKY was smart but heres a quote from myself ” If you have the highest intelligences you could be highest or lowest in anything , but you cant settle in the middle. he’s being the stupiest guy on earth he doesn’t know whats ife all he does know is experience power and what power can do and be proud of it.It does not matters what he use his power on to me he uses power just to let himself feel sucessful .I did not figure out whether lky was unaware of wth he is doing untill i see the quotes he made himself which expresses his mind and he keeps talking bout democracy and how it can not create a country to be 100% sucessful to get to do what singapore has done in 40 years it must involved some determination inflict on people’s life.
    Im amazed at how singaporean could respect him and think that singapore is a democractic society because they don’t expect anyting in their lives all they do is expect people and get expected by people they don’t have common sence anymore because they expect people to solve anything for them.

  4. 4 Count

    Well…. There are more Malaysians coming to Singapore to look for work than the other way round. Enough said.


    Just something to think about. Is democracy the means to an end? Or is it the end itself? What is the final objective of a government? To govern or to applease? To provide oppurtunities or to give the end results? What does freedom give? Does it magically make everybody happy? Does it have hidden dangers and loopholes that people usually overlook?

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