Censors refuse to classify One Nation Under Lee


Singapore avoids the embarrassment of banning One Nation Under Lee by the simple expedient of refusing to classify it.  Singapore Rebel:

The Board of Film Censors (BFC) has refused to classify One Nation Under Lee (ONUL). The video documentary, directed by visual artist and activist Seelan Palay, was submitted to the authorities in May (see here) as a political film.

In a hand-delivered letter, the BFC noted that ONUL contains excerpts from my video Zahari’s 17 Years, which has been gazetted as a banned film under Section 35 of the Films Act. As such, the BFC will not classify ONUL.

They suggested that a alternative version of ONUL be submitted, one that do not contain any scenes from Zahari’s 17 Years.

I hereby spell out the legal status of ONUL as such :

– It is not classified or rated.
– It is not gazetted as a ban.
– However, any possession, exhibition or distribution of ONUL constitutes a criminal offence as it contains excerpts of Zahari’s 17 Years, a banned film.

It is probably the only video submisssion in BFC’s history that has been deemed unclassifiable.

The MDA previously interrupted a viewing since the movie was not rated.

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