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The Quotes page on LEEWATCH has been updated, with several new quotes by Lee Kuan Yew and a new section for quotes about LKY by other people.   Please add interesting new quotes, with sources, to the comments.


One Response to “Notice: New quotes”

  1. 1 Lo Seng Lam

    Lo Seng Lam,
    Blk 58 Telok Blangah Heights,
    Singapore 100058
    HP: 98455072.

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Police Report No A/20080930/2060 (Cheating Case)
    Comfort – Ntuc income internal staff conspired to cover up cheating case of $305 taxi driver deposit.
    1) NTUC INCOME Mr.Ho said we were nothing fault and therefore we no need to pay for anything.
    2) One year later, without my knowledge comfort deducts my $305 deposit money and never give me any tax invoice and NTUC said this issue is still under investigate.
    3) Comfort Ms.Catherine kum said they would like to refund me half of my deposit amount i.e.$152.5. But I refused to take that amount, I want to claim my full deposit amount i.e. $305.
    4) MP Mr.Lim Hng Khang wrote letter to them many times to return back my money but still they refused to pay back my money.

    Yours sincerely
    Lo Sang Lam

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