Friends and foes meet


Lee Kuan Yew at the Men in White book launch. Straits Times:

IT WAS a historic moment with friends and foes gathered together under the same roof where they last met more than four decades ago – at the Old Parliament House. The occasion was the launch of a new book on the People’s Action Party (PAP), which brought together Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and his former political rivals.

It was a kodak moment that former PAP leader and leftist unionist Chen Say Jame, 77, had been hoping for but missed as he stepped out for a toilet break. Still, he returned to the chamber in time to say in Mandarin: ‘Hello, do you remember me’ to MM Lee who replied: ‘Of course, I do. How are you?’ …

Both men went their separate ways as the former PAP assistant secretary-general was detained in 1963 under Operation Cold Store, during which more than 100 leftist leaders were arrested. When asked about the past, he said in Chinese: ‘No point thinking too much, just let it go.’

The Temasek Review provides an alternative version for people who do think too much.


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