Russia needs to develop education system, infrastructure: MM Lee


Lee Kuan Yew lectures Russia once again. CNA:

Mr Lee told business leaders that he found support for the top brass lacking in Russia.

He said: “Yes you have top engineers, top scientists, top researchers, grand chess masters, but your middle layer and your bottom layer is not so well maximised, (regarding) their potential.”

One way to go forward is through education – something which Singapore has learnt to do through an education system that is modelled after the German and the Japanese systems.

Mr Lee added: “We studied this with Germans and the Japanese. They have the best two educational systems for primary schools and secondary schools. By Pri 3, third year, the Japanese knows which students are good for what, Mathematics, Science, Art, Drawings, Sports, Music and then they develop those talents so you don’t all go through the same sausage machine.

After six years, you divide into specialities. Not everybody can be a rocket scientist but the world needs musicians, sports trainers, PT instructors in schools, teachers, language specialists and so on.”

Another area that Russia needs to look into is building up its infrastructure to ensure greater communication and connectivity among its cities.

Mr Lee continued: “You’ll see in China, they are building 30 to 40,000 kilometres of expressways, 20, 30,000 kilometres of high speed rails, so the country is being connected, people are travelling and when people travel, a whole corridor develops.”

With video.

4 Responses to “Russia needs to develop education system, infrastructure: MM Lee”

  1. 1 Andrey Belyatskiy

    Agree 100% & more with MM Lee. I live in Vladivostok (Russia Far East), China is situated nearby. Saw her development from 1996 up to now, lived 3 years there. Russia has land potential except natural resources, & if well-managed can feed herself & 1/3 of the rest world. China started from agriculture developing, when fed herself, turned her eyes on other sectors. Agriculture is the most sector, where funds can be renewed at any conditions, & food needed everyday for people’s live. Russia’s lands much more. Still soybean expoted to China from our region, there are more than 80% of land of 100% used in the Soviet is not under development in our region nowadays. We have own lands & facilities in the Far East, can crop wheat, develop pig & cow’s farms. We welcome foreign investments to manage agriculture’s progects together. If interested, for further information & details, please, contact 007-9140675792 or via mail:

  2. 2 margaret ong

    I am a great admirer of Mr Lee Kuan Yew and have alot of respect for him. He is our modern day Confucious – a great thinker on philosophical, political, social, economic, ethical , moral issues … fact all aspects of life. He is a great honorable man. The world needs more leaders like Mr Lee.

  3. 3 Anonymous

    i will support him if he give me a job

  4. 4 Jim

    Margaret Ong

    LKY a modern day Confucius ? Where are his moral values ? Has he got a moral compass at all ? A political, philosophical genius and honourable man? Maybe you should take some time and read “The Prince” by Machiavelli, and then you will know this “great” man borrows all his ideas of running the country and controlling his grip on power from this great Italian sage since day one he took office.

    Go watch this movie which is banned by the PAP government and learn more about the truth of this man (the truth which his government controlled newspapers never tell about him) :

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