MM Lee says China and India growth will result in new world order


Lee Kuan Yew at NUS.  Channel NewsAsia, with video:

Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said that the growth of twin giants China and India will result in a new world order, even if in the absence of a global financial crisis.  …

He pointed out that China was growing at between 8 and 11 per cent a year, while the United States was growing a mere 2 to 3 per cent. However, he stressed that it does not mean the US will take a back seat in the new world order.

“I do not think the Americans are finished. I think they are still a dynamic economy. If we look at the past records, they are the most flexible, most entrepreneurial and willing to re-emerge in new forms,” Mr Lee said.

A special on the dialogue, called “Singapore – the next 50 years”, will be aired on Channel NewsAsia at 8.30pm on Wednesday, October 21.

One Response to “MM Lee says China and India growth will result in new world order”

  1. Saw his interview with Charlie Rose. Do not think I
    have ever been so impressed..even fascinated
    by a statesman such as Yew. Went to Singagpore
    for work in ’83 and we all joked about the gum…

    Now it’s 2009, and everything he has envisioned
    for his country has worked out overwhelmingly
    right- while my country seems more mired in
    troubles that ever. Troubles that come
    from a lack of planning, focus and leadership.
    Yew seemed to know how to do all of that
    without being a ‘bad guy.. just a smart guy;)

    Great man. Good ideas- and hope the world leaders
    he sees over here on his trip pay attention.

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