Charlie Rose interview transcript available


The transcript of the Charlie Rose interview is now available:

The Online Citizen has posted the interview in three parts on YouTube (part one, two, three).  Some highlights at Bloomberg:

“The first half of the 21st century, a large part of it, will still be the American,” Lee, 86, said in an interview with the Charlie Rose television show on the PBS network. “But I believe the second half you’ll have to share top places with China and also with India. Make space for them, too.” …

“In 30 years they’ll have an economy, not per capita but in total terms, bigger than the U.S.A.,” and China is now building political and strategic influence to protect its economic growth, Lee said.

“People already treat her differently, because they know that this is going to be a big fellow around the block,” he said. China is handling its growing influence in a “very pragmatic, almost cold-blooded and clinical fashion,” Lee said.

“On the American side, there’s been some vacillation: first China is a strategic adversary, then China is a strategic partner, then China is a stakeholder, and then China is not carrying its weight.” …

“If India were as well-organized as China, it will go at a different speed, but it’s going at the speed it is because it is India,” Lee said. “It’s not one nation, it’s many nations.”

“No prime minister in Delhi can at any one time speak in a language and be understood throughout the country,” said Lee. “You can do that in Beijing.”

5 Responses to “Charlie Rose interview transcript available”

  1. 1 Robert A. Wool

    I saw the Mr Lee Kwuan Yew’s interview with Charlie Rose. I was completely enlightened by his ideas on Western and Eastern globalization. That he is in Washington to meet with President Obama and members of his administration and invited guests will be a tremendous incentive for America to hear a man who is so insightful on the likely way the world will become interdependent on each other.

    If even a small amount of his ideas spark a course of action that can turn the Obama administration away from increasing spending and controling its growing deficit there’s a chance we might survive our greatest challenge.

  2. 2 Jim

    He opens his big mouth and tells USA what to do (with China and the East). He criticises the US, China & India and advises them what to do in the world political and economic arena. But when someone gives their advice on Singapore he immediately castrate them and threatens him to stop interfering in the domestic politics of Singapore. He is indeed a creature of double standards.

  3. 3 Calvin

    No, he is not double standards. He offers advise and takes thems as well…but he just stops at advise and does not pressure on their domestic decision. This is very much the non-aggressive manner. Good that China & India is following that approach to engage the world rather than the “Western methodology”, US, Europe…previously USSR.

  4. 4 Jim

    And just how is “advice” and “pressure” being defined? Advice can be intepreted as pressure and vice versa depending on the definer, much as beauty is being said to be in the eyes of the beholder.

    In the same light, does lobby constitutes pressure in the breath that you want to convey ? And what if such lobby is given in the form of an advice ? Baffling isn’t it?

    Let me give you a real example of what true statesmanship means (of non interfering in the affairs of other governments, especially when you are a guest on their turf). Some time ago LKY made a visit to the Philippines (can’t remember though whether it was on an official or unofficial status) and there was a black out In Manila at that time (very frequently happens in that country). LKY made a remark which, though politely conveyed, was a little bit denigrating regarding the efficiency of the utilities supplier, although such occurrences were well known facts. Subsequently, a few years later when the then President Ramos came to Singapore, and while he was in the process of delivering an address at the conference stage at Shangri-La hotel there was a similar black out at the Orchard area. Our neighbouring visiting statesman did not even mention a thing about this hitch. He could have used the incident as a reposte to LKY’s earlier ill remarks, but he brushed it off and kept his gentleman’s composure.

    There were a lot of rumours in the inside circles that this black-out was deliberately done by some unseen hands to embarass LKY (which has some credibility because an almost similar incident also happened at another point of time).

    That’s so much of respect to be given to our great leader.

  5. 5 spencer burke

    I would like to buy a transcript of his interview with frank Luntz.

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