The Blue Mansion: Movie parody of Lee Kuan Yew?


Gay magazine Fridae reviews local movie The Blue Mansion, suggesting it’s poking fun at the Lee dynasty.  Fridae:

Finally, a Singapore film with enough guts and good taste to parody founding father Lee Kuan Yew and his family. Or did we get it wrong? …

Written by former political journalist Ken Kwek and directed by Glen Goei, The Blue Mansion is a classy and clever murder-mystery with some extraordinarily good performances. But what is quickly turning into the talk of town is speculation that the film is about the Lee family.

Netizens draw parallels between Wee Bak Chuan and Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew. They even claim that Wee’s three children share traits with Mr Lee’s own children. Whether these parallels are deliberate or coincidental, only the filmmakers would know. But there’s no denying how powerfully layered a satire it becomes because of them.

The movie was released last week and is showing islandwide. Thanks to contributor C.M. for the tip.

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