Chinese netizens dissatisfied over speech by Lee Kuan Yew


Lee’s remarks last week about “balance” between US and China are raising some ripples in China, where they’ve been interpreted as anti-China.

Singapore’s Minister Mentor Mr. Lee Kuan Yew has warned the United States that it risks losing global leadership if it does not remain engaged in Asia to “balance” China’s military and economic might. Lee made the remarks at the US-ASEAN Business Council’s 25th anniversary gala dinner on October 27, stirring up some Chinese netizens.

According to a survey by the Global Times, about 86 percent of interviewees thought that Lee’s speech will affect Chinese people’s impression of Singapore, answering, “Formerly Singapore gave me a good impression, but because of Lee’s speech this time, I no longer have any good feelings about Singapore at all.”

Some survey participants held a different view. In their opinion, Mr. Lee’s position is a Singaporean statesman, not merely a foreign citizen of Chinese origin. It is understandable for Lee to put his country’s interests at the top of his list.

See also China Daily, Temasek Review.


6 Responses to “Chinese netizens dissatisfied over speech by Lee Kuan Yew”

  1. 1 PG

    Lee is just trying to be on the winning side , he mamanged to be in the US’s good books , but seems not to be very at ease or understand China .
    If you want proof , look at the projects started by Singapore in China , where they tried to keep control , they have been sidlelned agin and again.

  2. 2 Kane

    LKY is absolutely right. It’s too obvious why Japan & ROK remain closed to US rather than PRC. Current China stand will change when it can bully its Asian neighbors. PRC just hide its claws since US 7th Fleet’s presence and Regional favor of Cooperation with US remain intact so far. Though it has more than 5000 years in cultural roots, China’s culture is considered immature upon vast corruptions at all various sectors and suppression against Human Rights Activists. Though Asians are trading with China, they know the arrogance & aggressiveness of China.
    (See Sino-Viet war, Sino-Indian War, Spratly Island stand-off, Official Support to Myanmar Ruthless Junta, Threats on Taiwan, Lack of Transparency in Military Budget, Discreet Submarine Bases in Hainan, Lack of Moral Authority in various sectors, Obligatory supports to ruthless regimes in Africa regarding natural resources and other issues and so on)
    No nation can replace the importance of US in the current situation and China can never be a good friend until it marches towards Complete Democracy since Evil ideologies and practices which were rooted since Monarchical era are encouraging misconducts.
    At the moment, US is the best partner. So LKY is absolutely right because he’s a lot wiser than Nine Man Stand Chinese Communist Polit-Buro Members. He’s Nobody’s Fool.. Just like Japanese, S.Korean, HK, Taiwan and Thai leaders.

  3. 3 Low

    Again I stress that LKY idolises Machiavelli. In Chapter XXI of The Prince, Machiavelli advised that a prince (leader) would be respected when he is neither a true friend or a downright enemy,when, without any reservation, he declares himself in favour of one party against the other, which would be advantageous than standing neutral. If two powers come to blows and one conquers, you have to fear him or not. If you are neutral you have to fear him, but if you are in tune with him you are safe. On the other hand, if the other party is victorious you would still be in danger if you had remained neutral. So LKY is taking sides, and switching sides whenever it is convenient and advantageous to do so.

    First he was lauding the Taiwanese in the early 60’s just after independence (that’s why there were a lot of Taiwanese companies which set up shop in Singapore under ‘pioneer status’) and then in late 70’s & 80’s he dropped them and turned to Japan. In the 90’s and currently he is making Singapore a vassal state of China, but he is beginning to feel uneasy with the Chinese.

    At the back of all these puppet shows, LKY has always been a real friend of the US (you can see the number of US greats greeting him and showering all the accolades on him recently). Which is why the republic could gain easy access to top of the line and state of the art military hardware from the Americans (e.g. F-15SG superiority fighters and also a partner of the new generation US Joint Strike Fighter programme F-35)

  4. 4 Jo

    Some people are just jealous of LKY success, intellect and recognitions, any smart human being were LKY he would do the same. And the Chinese will scew anyone up for their own benefits.

  5. 5 leewatch

    Off-topic comments will be deleted.


  6. 6 Christian

    Yes LKY is a very loyal lap dog! Very useful for as a asian proxy.

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