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Crossing paths with Lee Kuan Yew’s offspring can be dangerous, even when they’re not officially in positions of power.  Asia Sentinel: The Singapore government has declined to reappoint Attorney General Walter Woon after his two years on the job expired earlier this month. Woon was earlier criticized by Lee Wei Ling, the daughter of Singaporean […]

Lee Kuan Yew bangs on a familiar drum.  CNA: Speaking at the Indian New Year celebrations in Little India on Saturday, Mr Lee said Singaporeans must recognise that with a declining population, the country needs such people, including those who have studied or worked in the US and Europe. With the economy in a buoyant […]

The New York Times attempts to explain why they allowed their sister publication International Herald Tribune to bend over and pay damages to the Lees. Lee Kuan Yew once testified, according to The Times, that he designed the draconian press laws to make sure that “journalists will not appear to be all-wise, all-powerful, omnipotent figures.” […]

Could there possibly be a political art exhibition in Singapore?  Well, no, of course not.  CNA: Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew is well known around the world for his political achievements. But in an art exhibition here in Singapore, his non-political side is being showcased on canvas by a Singaporean artist.  … This is the […]

The Asia Sentinel sarcastically lambasts China’s handling of the Rio Tinto case, comparing it to how smoothly the Lees handle things. But at least the mainstream media seem willing to comment on these issues rather than be cowed by contempt and other actions that continue to give Singapore’s kangaroo courts a veneer of credibility. Even […]