Singapore ready to share experiences with China


Lee Kuan Yew in Shanghai.  Note the careful wording of the “offer”, and in the video, Lee’s harping on how Singapore has to be “humble”.  CNA, with video:

Singapore is very willing to share its experiences with China, and it is ready to offer what Beijing decides is relevant for its development.

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said this at a dialogue session in Shanghai on Friday.

“The advantage is that we already pre-digested the Western system. If you go to America or Europe and you want to take over something from them, you have to make it fit into your Chinese system,” he said.

As for Shanghai’s goal of matching international financial cities like New York or London, Mr Lee said the Chinese financial hub will need to adapt some more, such as enhancing the use of English.

“In order for Shanghai to be an international financial centre, the city needs a big pool of talented people who can speak English. This is not only for the financial centre, it’s also for lawyers, accountants and (other) professionals.”

Earlier Friday, Minister Mentor Lee met Mr Li Yuanchao, Minister of the Organization Department of the Chinese Communist Party. The senior official had just visited Singapore recently, and he said Singapore is the bridge that connects China to the rest of the world.

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