Singapore’s policies not set in stone: MM Lee


Lee Kuan Yew opines on why Singapore needs strong government with hand-picked leaders like himself.  Channel News Asia, with video:

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has said Singapore’s policies are not set in stone.

He said the ability to improve on what has been done and basic values like meritocracy have led to Singapore’s success.

Addressing his constituents at the Tanjong Pagar National Day dinner on Sunday evening, Mr Lee also spoke of the crucial need for succession.

“We defied the odds and got to where we are. However, we must never forget our hard and harsh beginnings. If our national solidarity is splintered by communal hostility, and our social cohesion is weakened, we will regress. Then we will have a weak economy that cannot afford a strong SAF. That will again make us vulnerable.”

Mr Lee said the resources the SAF needs to mount such a superb performance require a strong and vibrant economy.

And to build such a Singapore, the nation needs an exceptionally strong government with the ablest, the toughest and the most dedicated leaders.

Mr Lee said: “We headhunt for them, test them out in heavy responsibilities. Only such leaders can keep the economy growing and create good jobs and generate the revenue to pay for the equipment and training of our 3-G SAF.

“This 3-G SAF provides the security and confidence of our people and of foreign investors, assured that we can more than defend ourselves. If there is insecurity, there will be fewer investments. That means a poorer people and instability.”

Mr Lee added that Singapore’s basic values – of ensuring leaders of high integrity; meritocracy; a level playing field for all citizens; and English as the working language – have laid the foundation of Singapore’s success.

He said: “People get to where they are on merit – not nepotism, not corruption. Hence, all are capable and competent. No policy is skewed as a result of personal benefit or profits. We have been rated as the cleanest government in Asia, and amongst the first three cleanest in the world.

“Third, we have a level playing field for all citizens. No one is disadvantaged by our national policies whatever their race, language or religion.

“Fourth, English is our working language. We did not choose Chinese, the language of the majority. English gives everyone an equal chance to master the language. It is a language of the world of trade and individuals, the Internet and new knowledge. It has made us the hub we now are for businesses, industries, banking and financial services, and communications.”

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  1. 1 Lim GS

    I had always admire such a great stateman like Lee Kuan Yew. Looking back in history, there isn’t much regret after these years. maintaining English was the right choice and had made what Singpore is today.I would say that Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is a veryintelligent and a man with a long sighted vision. This not mere word but action and results had proved it through test of time. I saw a video clip that what Mr. Lee Kuan Yew says: ” I’m not here to play somebody’s else game” and ” Singapore will survive” . This strong word had made Singpore succeed economically.On the other hand, the neighbouring country, Malaysia is more of making slogans but will never achieve anything. The sdministration is weak and too race -baised to the extend that it had cause the country to fall backward. Emphasizing on Malay language just to ensure that it will be convenient for the Malay to obtain an entry into the Goverment Civil services. The Vision 2020 will not succeed if Malaysia’s NEP is on the way and the marginalizing had to stop if Malaysia wants to leap forward like Singapore. So wake up Malaysia and UMNO.

  2. 2 LY Lim

    Dear MM Lee,
    Having toured our local schools, hospital, HDB estates and reservoir recently, it should be time to tour the motor vehicle industry to feel the pulse. It is about “capable leaders” and “policies not set in stone” that we need to apply to our transportation policies.
    With reference to 3rd December Straits Times article on COE Supply, one can’t help but agree that it’s a “scary prospect”. In another ST article a few days earlier, it was reported that there were more used car sales transaction than for new cars.
    Indeed we shall have more old cars on the road that needs more maintenance and pollutes more, leading to higher cost of doing business or just living. Owners will be tempted to stretch service interval which increases risk of break down, even accident, leading to higher cost. Eventually burdened consumers will have to pay for the increased cost.
    Please help look into “policies not set in stone”.

  3. 3 LY Lim

    Dear Transport Minister Lui, it’s comforting to know that you believe in engaging people and “feel the ground” of your responsibility. I hope you can hasten improvement with the following.

    Although the GE is over, our coffee shops are still abuzz with topics raised during GE. The following are some of the issues brought up.

    While we are very happy that future MRT plans will include stations in Johor, Malaysia, the number of taxi companies and their cars pose several problems. There appear to be little consideration the way authorities grant licenses, not thinking how it will affect the cost of Cat: A COE which caters mainly to lower and lower-middle income group.

    Should some big taxi companies be encouraged to put thousands more taxis on the road? It is known that taxi companies still need to bid thousands of Cat A COE for their allotted licenses. Is the authority aware that taxi companies will need more than half of the COE available?

    These companies have deep pockets therefore they can afford to bid high price for COE which in turn drive up cost. And does anyone remember some of the money used to buy taxis is actually profit made from citizens taking over-congested MRT/ bus rides.

    The higher cost of COE also drives up the cost of taxi rental where the cost is eventually passed on to the hirer and consumers. It is also common for many who cannot earn a decent living resort to be a taxi driver, only to face equally tough competition with the sheer number of taxis on the road.

    It is time to control the number of taxi on the road by setting up a separate COE category for taxi and revamp how licenses are granted. Please check out the following website for COE Statistics, and you will have a better idea of its rollercoaster trend while you ponder over its effect on ordinary citizens and motor traders.
    COE Bidding Results, Quota Premium and Prevailing Quota Premium
    – [ 1990 – 1999 ] [ 2000 – 2004 ] [ 2005 – 2009 ] [ 2010 – 2011 ]

    After rare feedback session with Mr C, nothing much seemed to have taken place. Are the authorities aware that their actions thus far have adversely affected thousands of livelihoods? It has been suggested perhaps we should bring back Mr Yam to sort things out at LTA.

    And perhaps policy makers are out of touch with common folks struggling to build a family and a decent life. While these policy makers dress well, eat well and are well travelled, we the common folks will choose a bar of soap that is 5 cents cheaper. High cost of COE will invariably raise the cost of living throughout all aspects of our lives, from school bus fee to the bowl of “bak chok mee”, from high business cost to profit lost. Eventually it will be high cost of distrust and vote swings.

  4. 4 LY Lim

    Singapore is our home first and playground for tourists secondly, while cost of living have shot up so high and fast that too many of us are suffering for it.

    The article on COE supply as reported in Straits Times on 16th July 2011 has again opened up old wounds. The fact that COE price can fluctuate wildly from $7,000 to $70,000 its purpose is not met. The trend may even push the prices close to $100,000! Moreover it jeopardise many a financial plan for those bought at peak prices and face bottom COE prices when it’s time for a change of car.

    Let us look at just Cat A COE for now, although it’s quota will increase (marginally) it’s price set to increase as well due to spill over effect from Cat B COE quota reduction. The situation is made worse by Taxi companies who also compete for Cat A COE. Taxi companies have the confidence in bidding which drive up COE prices because the companies will pass on the extra cost to hirers and onto consumers eventually.

    And one of the main reasons for more taxis: cater to increase tourist arrival. Another is the liberal issuance of taxi licenses, which is evident by the confounding myriad of corporate colours we see on the road.

    We have to set a quota for the number of taxi companies and taxis on the road. There is no way an individual whose Singapore dream is to own a budget family car can compete against taxi companies for Cat A COE. And down the drain goes the effort of the hard pressed Singaporean who tried to bring home some form of family lifestyle.

  5. 5 LY Lim

    Please refer to December 2011 Straits Times and Yahoo! News articles on Taxi Fare.

    The proposed new fare structure is first and foremost confusing and unnecessary. One cannot help but to imagine the increment is a prelude for taxi companies to increase rental fees down the road, citing higher cost of ownership and maintenance. This is because they have been aggressively bidding for COE, which in turn drove up its prices, resulting in higher cost of ownership.

    The ambitions and actions of these taxi companies are irresponsible and hurt the quality of life of the citizens. Being some of the largest “Public Transport” corporations, they have access to funds which ordinary citizens can only dream of; their primary objective would be market domination and profits. These company executives have no concern over the higher cost of living to the citizens other than their fat pay checks and out-of-proportion bonuses.

    Do the policy makers know that many citizens are living from hand to mouth, surviving on past savings? That too many citizens have no job security nor can they visualise a brighter future?

  6. 6 LY Lim

    There is no perfect system, neither is there perfect leadership. As much as we want accountability, we should also offer solution to problem at hand.
    What is unacceptable is that news reporting has been changed to selling news. But we can forgive that, just so one can learn to be more constructive.

  7. 7 LY Lim

    COE bidding is like stock market where speculators abound and price increases in the face of limited supply.

    Just a random month of April from 2008 to 2012, Category A COE shows the number fell from 4,079 to 1266 tickets. That explains why the price increased from $16,930 to $58,501.

    We have to get taxi out of Category A COE because the companies have deep pockets that will edge us the consumers out of the bidding exercise.

    To reduce speculators in Category C COE, we should make it transferable only from 6 months after registration.

    We really need to spread out the reduction of COE tickets over more years to ease the impact. Otherwise more people will be compelled to continue using their old cars and commercial vehicles.

  8. 8 LY Lim

    HDB & MOM had improved a lot during a short time, while the Transport ministry that can’t seemed to relate to the citizens’ needs and plight to provide a suitable solution.

    The way we understand the following articles from AsiaOne and Yahoo News, &
    LTA’s latest adjustment will not have enough improvement to lower our cost of living.

    One just has to compare the price of Cat A COE for May 2002 with 1,128 QP @ $35,000. While price of Cat A COE for May 2008 with 2,053 QP @ $11,009. Now price Cat A COE for May 2012 with 641 QP @ $62,600.

    I urge the authorities to treat this matter with compassion for the citizens who are already burdened with a very high cost of living.

  9. 9 LY Lim

    HDB & MOM had improved a lot during a short time, while the Transport ministry just can’t seemed to relate to the citizens’ needs and plight to provide a suitable solution. Has the authority been reading citizens’ feedback?

    The latest adjustment will not have enough improvement to lower our cost of living nor does it calm the tumultuous COE prices. The supply of COE in recent years is akin to feeding a person 10 course meals, five times one day and only a miserly plain porridge meal the next. So where can one find the confidence to plan this major purchase.

    One just has to compare the price of Cat A COE for May 2002 with 1,128 QP @ $35,000. While price of Cat A COE for May 2008 with 2,053 QP @ $11,009. Now price Cat A COE for May 2012 with 641 QP @ $62,600.

    This is definitely the worse time of COE’s 21 years of history.

    I urge the authorities to treat this matter with compassion for the citizens who are already burdened with a very high cost of living.

  10. 10 LY Lim

    Dear Mr. Lee Kuan Yew,

    While LTA may be tasked to regulate vehicle population, I hoped they are aware of the immense impact their recommendations have on the economy and the livelihood of the citizens at large.

    Overpriced COEs will increase business cost and eventually pass on to consumers, who are already facing high living cost. Tens of thousands of small business owners will be most hard hit since their businesses survive on low cost transportations which are beginning to expire.

    A few years earlier for whatever reasons LTA released too many COEs, about 120,000 tickets in a year. Now LTA wants to claw back all excesses by July 2013! COEs are expensive not simply due to new car models, good economy etc. but due to insufficient supply that pushed the prices up.

    Authorities can consider an annual supply of about 70,000 to 75,000 tickets instead of current 40,000 plus.

    Simultaneously, set aside another category for taxi companies to bid among themselves so as not to burden citizens already stretched budget. Only then can we feel adequate to marry and have babies.

    The authorities must have a change of mindset to put citizens first rather than be overly concern about motorists’ traffic woes.

    It is more important to rectify the effects of a mistake made than to rectify the mistake.

  11. 11 LY Lim

    Our old guards are all very compassionate and competent, unlike the current office holders.

    无话可说, 无药可救。

    God have mercy on us all.

  12. 12 LY Lim

    Dear Ms. Tin Pei Ling,

    You are a lovely lady with a big heart for taking care of the citizens’ welfare.

    God bless.

  13. 13 LY Lim

    Dear founding father of modern Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew,

    It’s touching to see you talking and laughing, especially during NDP.

    We love you.

    People still respect you greatly and we hope you can help us by letting the authorities know that our cost of living is very high. And this high cost is fueled by high housing prices, high oil prices as well as high COE prices. It’s no wonder why we are having fewer babies.

    Just one sentence from you is better than a thousand words from the rest of us.

  14. 14 LY Lim

    It is apparent that certain policies are not effective.

    How can relevant authority allow cost of living be pushed so high, knowing it will affect everybody badly in Singapore.

    The officials who handle COE are responsible for its uncontrolled spike. You guys must search within yourselves feelings for your fellow citizens. Singapore our country is not paved in diamond and gold, most of us are just common folks trying to eke out a humble living for our family, the Singapore Dream. Somebody once said, the more power one yields the bigger the responsibility one has towards the society.

    If you guys do not know how to handle, then please ask for help and feedback. We are living human beings made of blood and flesh; we bleed when hurt and have feelings, so how can you simply ignore our plight.

  15. 15 Hygienic Citizen

    Most problems will go away when the living corpse is at last set in stone, perhaps literally. In the meanwhile, it reeks of faeces, puke and pus.

  16. High our fellow Singaporean and members of this world.
    Leaving things to be cast in Stone are old and Dead in this Internet AGE.
    Singapore have been successful because we changed constantly for the last 50 years.
    No one suffered non left behind, that is WHY Singapore become 1st in many things – i lost count.
    Last year our oldest lady died at 113 and go read LOVE & SHARE by Teresa Hsu – to learn what is happiness and suffering?
    We come to this world to live our life,and if you know how to choose what is good, you will always be happy and healthy.
    On the other hand, you choose to be rich by greed, poor by choice, beauty under the needs, famous by boost and compare and compare with everything and everyone – WILL you ever be HAPPY.
    Happiness is within yourself and it is only you who can decide and no GODS can help you.

  17. 17 LY Lim

    So many ideas mooted, yet so little attention meted.

    Car population aged, young vibrant image of Singapore aged, our financial health aged even more.

    Irony indeed, especially when the authorities who promised to improve our standard of living and lifestyle, literally brushed aside the many plausible ideas suggested by veterans of the automotive industry, seasoned journalists including. And up to now, the explanations do not carry many details as to why not.

    Well, the latest suggestion featured in Straits Times 7-1-13 seemed workable, so I am hoping along with tens of thousands of others that relevant authorities will act on it. Our civil service will have added yet another feather to their cap for lifting plight of the common folks a.k.a. voters.

    One must however, remember that it is we the common folks who paid most with our blood, sweat and tears to build this amazing little giant, Singapore.

  18. 18 LY Lim

    Ridiculously high priced COEs is definitely one of the main grouses of the middle class and business owners big & small alike.

    Authorities could have reduced the COE quota more gradually to ease the price increments but no, they ignored the feedbacks and carried on with their plans thinking we have no choice. But we have a choice, and a choice has been made tonight with the hope that authorities will recognize it.

    In a couple of years when the market sees more COEs recycled into it, we can realistically expect COE prices to tumble. This will cause many car owners unable to off load their cars because they are stuck with high price cars with high bank loans in a depressed used car market.

    At that time, we will definitely see bigger opposition presence in parliament.

    It’s a date in 2016.

  19. 19 Anonymous

    COE prices are determine by market force and COE have up & down because COE means (compulsory org. extortion) and you paid according to your NEEDS and what you HAVE?.
    Most people buy cars for a needs and some buy for convenience while others buy to show FACES?
    If the last group leave the market, prices will sure to fall and if the 2nd group also left, future COE may always be $1/=.
    In 1st world country, prices have to be high to show our standing so do not complaint too much because the PAP (pay and pray/prey) is always right and we voted for them – RIGHT?
    Our public transport is ‘cheap’ and overcrowd because we need foreigners to help in our economy growth and have MORE monies for GIC and Tamasek to grow more monies for us to make our Singapore RICHER.
    Our government save money by turning tap water to a drips so there save money to advertise in the press, print posters and all types of programmes to tell people to wash their hands clear to prevent diseases and illnesses.
    BUT can a DRIPPING tap clears your hand?
    When i was in Ekia toilet was dirty and the faces was still there, i flash twice and it is still there, because dripping water cannot flash the toilet clean.
    Hoping LKY will made some comments.

  20. 20 LY Lim

    Debate in our recent parliamentary meeting has touched something close to our hearts. The debate between PAP and opposition WP over population forecast.

    One of the net effects of this debate shall see more FTs supporting PAP led government, while more citizens would most likely support the various opposition parties.

    We have been told that more than 700,000 flats will be built by 2030 to accommodate the forecasted 6.9 million population growth, however who are the people does one think will most likely buy these flats. The prices of flats would have shot up along with the extra demand from FTs and risks bubble burst when they decide to retreat to another country.

    In the meantime, it is comforting to hear that relevant authorities will review the current COE scheme. We shall wait patiently for some good news.

  21. 6.9 is a number plucks from the Three, former PM Goh last mentioned 7.5 and PM said 6.5 in parliament while LYK mentioned 5.5 will be comfortable.
    Therefore as LKY said, things are not set in stone as when a face is set in stone he cannot talk anymore.

    Now PM likes 6.9 because in numerology studies, 69 & 96 are 2 of the best combination. 69 you will make a lot of money and 96 – everything you touch turns into GOLD?

    When that happens GIC and Termasek will have a bad time trying to make more money and creating more welfare for us the no longer young citizens.

    Let the debate goes on as there is nothing better to do now before PM retires soon, and to create some tension or stress to wake our people up to more serious problems coming our way. When other world economies go down, who will pickup the tag and move the world on to the next Level?

    Have anyone thinks why our world have so much ‘BAD LUCKS’ in the 21 century. It is said that things happened for a reason and make an analyse of those that happened in the last 12 years,SINS paid by sins at Heaven will is the answer.

    It is a sign to Earth NOT to sins as Heaven will be watching.

    These are 5 examples of sins that can be punish by HEAVEN, 1. building casinos, 2. killing innocent people with man made WARS. 3. Worshiping murderers to be their GOD 4. not recognizing your ancestor 5. creating OIL from farmlands and so on.

    The best solution for A!! is to keep yourself HEALTHY and be happy and GOT will bless YOU?

  22. 22 LY Lim

    Dear Founding Father of Modern Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew,

    I wish you a Happy Lunar New Year, may you be as healthy as ever.

    I also wish for our PM Lee HL a Happy Lunar New Year as well as a Happy Birthday. May you have a meaningful and joyful new year.

    I also wish all readers and authors a Happy Lunar New Year.

    God bless.

  23. Let wish LKY to be our next Centurion and helps to make our Singapore an even better place on EARTH. For PM – Happy New Year and i think it is better to retire and be Happy with your family?

    God bless A11 who BLESSED themselves for living a Healthy Lifestyle by drinking and eating fruits and vegetables everyday.

    Make it a habit and treats it as a meal replacement and our LAND will be full of happy and healthy Centurion. Maybe we will replace the Land of the BURNING SUN, to becomes Number 1 oldest people on Earth. HOW is that for a title?

    Bless yourself and GOT will bless YOU!!!

  24. 24 LY Lim

    I cannot help but to think that authorities are not sincere with the citizens’ concerns and welfare. For the longest time, consumers and motor traders alike had wanted a more affordable and less volatile COE market. Yet time and again, measures introduced had caused extreme fluctuations which affect adversely car buyers and used car traders. When will they ever learn?

    Yes, the latest measures will most definitely cause COE prices to plunge, albeit suddenly. However, consumers who have bought cars recently at record prices will find themselves in calamitous financial pit when they intend to sell their cars in future, especially when compared to low new car prices.

    The announcement of this measure will make potential used car buyers wait for COE to plunge before buying. But used car traders who have paid for high prices for used cars recently will be stuck. As it is they are already over stocked with high priced used cars from months ago. This measure will likely cause heart attack, stroke and even hysteria. History may repeat itself with many used car dealers winding up their business unannounced, leaving customers and salespeople out in the cold. “Buay Jin Chu” 不认家!”Bo Bak Kwa” 没眼看!

    We need moderation in the COE market to bring the prices down GRADUALLY.

  25. The LHL government is to stab you where you feel the pain and the best is to kill you.

    Now employers complaints about labour shortage – Their solution by reducing the supply but increase the lavies so that you think that LHL is trying something? In fact what he did was bring more money to Temasak and GIC and kills the businessman.

    When your business die, LHL will start business of their own CALL Govt, Link Companies where not quotas are require? This is just a Guess and if i m wrong, Please tell us the truth by correcting ME?

    Few examples 1. When you complains of Car park shortage – night parking increases by 100% but did the HDB built car park overnight to lessen the shortage? 2. LTA introduce CBD taxis stands and limit it, then out-sources the policjng of the BUS lane, CBD taxi stands and all other traffics offences to out sourced operators and JUST station cameraman at this spot and snap photos and send out the surmons and there make regular reports that motorist are caught more and more because Singaporean are bad drivers. 3. Cameras are stationed on over-head bridge and photos are taken by video so all speeding vehicles will be on screen and the office will momitor the video and pick out speeding offenders? It is just wild guess and it is for LTA to comments.
    4. We use to have 3 or 4 types of surmons like HDB, Car-park division, Traffic Police and LTA. Please take a look at the different uniformed or plain-cloths camera man along the roads, car-parks, anywhere you name it there have it?

    The list is too long, so it is the duties for Caring Government to reduce IT?

  26. 26 LY Lim

    Yet another rollercoaster ride for the automobile industry.

    Any adjustment to policy should be done in moderation, with changes made gradually, the landscape will allow citizens and businesses adapt more comfortably, avoiding financial pitfalls and heartaches. Imagine a few months later, a car owner who bought his car one year ago at incredulously high price of $140K with full loan over 10 years, totaled his car. Insurance company will only compensate him the market price of a similar car which can be around $90K, should COE price were to plunge too steeply. This owner would have to top up almost $50K to settle his old car loan and still go without a car.

    When car loan business reduces, banks are likely to increase interest rates to make up for lesser income. From there housing and business loan interest would follow suit.

    The new policies will hurt small and medium enterprises since they do not have huge cash flow, therefore cannot afford to put up 50% cash to buy car for business. On the other hand SME can raise prices to cope with higher business cost but it will eventually be passed on to consumers, who will suffer unnecessary inflation.

    Authorities must gradually lower loan quantum & shorten loan tenure. At the same time more COE should be released in anticipation of more deregistration next few years, which by then should be retracted. This move will moderate COE supply, hence more consistent COE prices.

  27. 27 LY Lim

    Today’s COE price for Category B has dropped $34K, something that I can’t stomach and I’m sure many used car dealers will face financial ruin as well.
    One need not wait for COE results to expect such a drastic plunge simply because everyone knows that extreme measures produce extreme results.

    Buyers of Category B cars just last 3 weeks ago will face an immediate loss in value of $34K at least.

    Granted that COE is no simple matter due the amount of revenue it generates, but there are many trade people who have been there since COE was first introduced, whose knowledge should be tapped and suggestions adopted.

    Authorities should pay more attention to feedbacks from trade people and citizen. Our government plans 1 generation ahead so why can’t authorities foresee just 2 years later for COE development?

    Current scheme to limit car financing to maximum 50% over 5 years for OMV above $20,000 and 60% over 5 years for OMV $20,000 and below is too drastic, causing wild swings to demand, hence COE prices.

    One example to moderate the finance scheme is to impose 90% loan over 9 years and 3 months later reduce to 85% loan over 9 years. Another 3 months later 80% loan over 8 years and so on. There should be frequent periodical review of the scheme. We should also do away with “over trade” and other price inflation mechanism.

    Authorities must regulate to ensure a more even flow of COE supply into the market. This will bring about more consistency to the whole car trade, protecting interests of consumers and traders alike.

    According to forecast, about 132,000 vehicles should deregister in financial year 2015. Again we will see wild swing in COE prices with a bumper supply of 132,000 COEs compared to the current less than 40,000 COEs. In fact for financial year from May 2014 there will be 118,693 deregistration. So for this year, authorities should release extra 25,000 COEs in advance from next year’s quota.

    Authorities should adopt both suggestions simultaneously to ensure consistency in our car trade.

  28. CAR are toys for RICH man, neccessesity for working man who needs it to make a living and FACEbook for “how lian” man to show faces.

    When the FACEbook man leave the seen, price will dive South so the only things for PAP to do is find a solution to reduce this group and COE will be REASONABLE but how we define reasonable it is for indivisial to decide not the government?

    The topic is cast in stones and if the present PAP can remove the stones from these items that LKY have casted, Half of our problems will be solve.

    Population – Change the abortion law that ABORTION is illegal as it is Murder of our future generation by LKY setting the law in stones.

    Making good and famous man paid for crime created by the Court that a Famous prositute is protected by our law for MINOR and who is a minor?
    Below 21 is minor as you cannot vote and below 18 is minor as you cannot have SEX and below 35 if you are left on the alter, you cannot buy HDB?

    It is time for someone who can break those stone and move SINGAPORE forward and WE become no. 1 of the World as our FLAG is the only universal flag of all flags.

    USA is famous because there have the most stars. China is popular because they have a BIG stars, We are famous because we have 5 stars and a moon. Japan is famous because there are burn by their SUN and that is why it is the only land on EARTH that is burnt by 3 Nuclear bombs.

  29. 29 LY Lim

    Why must we wait till next year for more COE? We should get more now instead of sudden surge in supply for next. Looks like it will be another big mistake.

    Please solve the problem now rather than waiting for next year. Don’t wait till the drains get clogged before you clear the choke.

    Tenure for car loan should be adjusted moderately. For now, it should allow 90% loan over 9 years, then 85% over 8 years for next year. Following year should be 80% over 7 years and so on. In this way, banks, traders and consumers will be happy. When everybody is happy, the government will be happy as well.

  30. Learn not to use the CAR but use your LEG. With your legs you excercise which is good for your health and it will make you healthy and happy and you will be WEALTHY?

    Learn how to give up the car as that is the intention of LKY when he started the MRT line for $5Billion. Take public transportation and your become the boss as i did. When i leave my house, my paid drivers will pick me up to where ever i want to go. And as a BOSS with a paid driver you can call and talk on the Mobile without worry to be summon or read the book or newspaper. When you drive yourself, those are some of the freedom you cannot enjoy?

    No ONE can help greedy man like you who wants to enjoy the burden of owing a CAR but do not wants to pay for it and just Complains and Complains and that is why Our 1st World Country have a NAME call complaint KING and another title for Our Garden City.

    Let me share a story with YOU after my present trip to China, HK and Taiwan and who is GREENER.

    China’s Zhongsan is greener in a new town call Greenvilla where the roads are better and as clean as Singapore.

    Taiwan you can say what you like about the government and not ONE will bring you to court.

    HK is smelly by their good food especially the smelly beancake which is world famous.

    Singapore will soon be famous to have a sick PM trying to hold on to Power as that is the only corruption that i know that cannot be prove in COURT?

  31. 31 LY Lim

    Authorities should release more COEs in advance now! This is to minimise effect of sudden price slump when huge numbers of COEs are expected to be recycled over the next 2 years.

    If not done, COE price will most likely fall to record low again and driving owners to buy PQP to extend the usage of their cars. Then we will see and feel the harmful effect of too many old cars on the road.

  32. Mr. Lim must be needing a CAR but what we need is the kar (leg) to walk and run if needed.

    Cars are a burden and do not hawk about it again. If you are good to convince LHL to change the COE to suit you, It will better to convince him to retire while he still have a little time to manage his family life and live like a human being?

  33. 33 LY Lim

    It’s okay, our PM Lee is still discussing about COE matters with his team.

    When a person is old and wants to walk, so be it. But when the younger ones prefer to drive for their family or work, please allow us to.

  34. That have been my point when I say you need a car, but it is the person who need face left the tender for COE prices will come down.

    If the other group that I mention, for convenience also left – then price of COE will always be $0.00

  35. 35 Misty

    Excellent page, Continue the beneficial work.

  36. COE is here to stay whether you like or not and if you do not like – stop buying a new car – get an old one and better still – migrate to your next door neighbour where everything is CHEAP or find a place that need no COE and it is in A11 places except the LITTLE RED dot..

    Than your worries started THERE – Is the someone following me, or did not find the car where you have parked and you have to use your KAR to go to the Police. These are what ordinary people do not want – Be Sorry and To Worry – as it the worst of A11 Things GOOD???

    ‘Compulsory Organised Extortion’ is the term I use and EXTORTION have not FIXED price. If you catch is a big fish you eats all the meat and it is a small fish will be better, you eat the bone and the meat and those Health Food companies will run out of business try to sell HIGH Calcium in a BOTTLE but everything in it goes to the loose & if you are unfortunate it becomes STONES in you system.

  37. 37 LY Lim

    The cooling measure to curb COE price is not working, and it drove up inflation rate. The vehicle quota system and car market is in a mess.

    You get hit when you decided not to buy a new car, you also get hit if you buy used car.

    45% of house owners own vehicle as well, with such high COE prices, be prepared for vote swings in 2016. There are too many people who are unhappy.

    A recent news from coffee shop talk, that a retired senior judge (estimated 40 years on the job) will be helping out with COE matters. Let us hope he can do a good job.

    Do refer to below for 2003-2004 & 2004-2005 statistics.

    When are you releasing more COEs? And please make sure not too many is released at the same time because it will drive prices wild again for too many times.

  38. 38 LY Lim

    The cooling measure to curb COE price is not working, and it drove up inflation rate. The vehicle quota system and car market is in a mess.

    You get hit when you decided not to buy a new car, you also get hit if you buy used car.

    45% of house owners own vehicle as well, with such high COE prices, be prepared for vote swings in 2016. There are too many people who are unhappy.

    A recent news from coffee shop talk, that a retired senior judge (estimated 40 years on the job) will be helping out with COE matters. Let us hope he can do a good job.

    Do refer to below for 2003-2004 & 2004-2005 statistics.

    When are you releasing more COEs? And please make sure not too many is released at the same time because it will drive prices wild again for too many times.
    1) Soon Clementi will implement ERP charges.
    2) Car ownership.
    3) Satellite tracking ERP charges.
    4) Separate COE quota for different values etc.

    The above is not effective and messy, eg. Car ownership can use children and grand parents name to buy.

  39. Why talk about the CARS and COE every other day? Public Transportation is the answers to this so call problems and MRT will be build to help relief our present packed MRT.

    There will be not jams in our Expressway if the PAP just increase the size of the SLIP roads leading to or leaving the Expressway. There purposely let these slip road undersize so to cause the jam and ERP can be installed to collect money and CIG can have more money to invest and we citizen bares the burdens of TRAFFIC jams to show that we as a 1st world country need such jams to tell the WORLD we have many EXPENSIVE car on the Roads??

    The figure that the 6.9 is not right. There are going to build more MRT and PAP going fund more BUSES but the population increases will out strip the the rates there are going to build the MRT and increases of BUSES.

    Now there have good ideas to give FREE rides and let hope it will be successful – IT WILL NOT SOLVE the problems as SMRT stands for ‘Singapore most retarded teams’.

    Until today there do no know what actually went wrong with the MRT problems but just blame it as old, but do you know the old can be healthier than the young if there take proper care of themselves and so is our MRT system.

    There changed the tracks and it started to crack – WHY, because it is not the track problems. I ask them why the escalator takes about 2 weeks to repair while it is A day job? Instead someone calles and ask if I am talking about elevator and that was about 2 months ago and no more feed back.

    It is a 1 DAY’s job because we have few hundreds if not thousands of escalators and when it needs repair or replacement the stand-by units at the workshop can be use to replace it immeddiately – isn’t it a 1 day job. Their answer is there have to source for spare parts and it may have to be imported and that is WHY the 2 weeks needed????????any engineers to provide better ANSWER?

    We need engineers or their equals to run MRT not 3 stars General for there are good for WARS but we never fight one before and hopefully never need to!!!

  40. I have told SMRT before that it is not the tracks problems and there went on to replaces some tracks and it started to cracks. The problems is the wheels.

    My experience on maintainent job is about 25 years and in the Shipyard was a welding supervisor and knows a little about why welding cracks?

  41. 41 LY Lim

    Today’s COE prices shot up again! There were 1,124 pieces of COE for passenger and commercial vehicles up for bidding which translate to about 26,976 COEs for the whole year.

    Is the current system effective? The system should forbid car distributors to bid on behalf of consumers and the prices will totally drop.

    If authorities do not release more COE now, there will be a bumper supply in the near future that will cause a sudden slump in prices. And another chaotic time will hit the car industry again.

    It is actually a very simple task, why must authorities be dramatic making it look very complex and difficult?

  42. Compulsory Organised Extortion (COE) but EGO rich man can afford to pay, so why talk about it day in day out and still hupping about MONEY and if you have enough of IT just take your KAR?

  43. 43 LY Lim

    AAS calls for thorough COE review

    These are truly words of wisdom from motor trade veterans, BT & CKT.

  44. BULLSHIT, if these 58,000 co-operate and stop going for COE, it will cause the COE to collapse and the systems dies off.

  45. 46 LY Lim

    A pay-what-you-bid system should be adopted. However with 6 months validity for COE, how can dealers keep a healthy inventory?

    If car dealers are not allowed to bid for COE on behalf of purchasers, they have even lesser control over the stock turnover. Where then can dealers find confidence to order stock up to 4 months in advance?

    BT of AAS mentioned “COE supply cannot have a famine, feast kind of supply.

    Excerpt from Mr. H.K. Nair’s facebook:

    The Great COE Debate – Reflections

    “The upshot was that it became clear that this was an exceedingly difficult exercise – each proposal benefitted one group, but disadvantaged another; or was just too difficult to implement”.

  46. If problems like the COE can be solve, we do not need the PAP. There are the people who started it so let them give the solutions.

    Mr. Lim looking for solution – the answer is go for it if you have the money or follow me by using PAID drivers for the job, that LKY said on the first day the COE was introduce – USE public transport and SMRT connot solve the problems, i gave them answer’s but there are too ‘loose face’ to answer me.
    I gave LTA & Mr. LUI the answer – approach VIRGIN TRAIN which is awarded the BEST TRAIN for the 2nd year recently.

    If Richard Benson, a 1 man show can rans a 1st class 5 stars system, a PAP with so many 3 STARS GENERAL runing the show cannot give an answer.

    I have told them, Singapore is never in WAR and will not be for a long time to come, WHY get GERERALS who only learn how to fight to runs a 1st World Country which needs many other proffessionals to make it works.

    1 in control, 2nd to follow and the 3rd got kick out. Still few more in line and the questions is WHO will be the next real PM when LHL decided that Cancels are calling on him too often and decided to raise a heathy family at home with his unnamed son-in-law???

  47. 48 LY Lim

    16th July “Today” newspaper

    How do you fix the COE system?

    Why not make car-buyers pay what they bid for their COE? Or should COE just be balloted for? What should COE categories be based on?

    Tell us your views.

    Commercial COE should not be transferrable within 6 months’ of registration to discourage speculation by 2nd tier traders.

    There should be no price revision to COE bidding.

    There is no transparency to COE claw back formula for July announcement.


    YEAR TOTAL Taxis Vehicles
    Cate A, B, C & D Exempted From VQS
    2003 113,797 2,163 1,013
    2004 131,222 5,983 920
    2005 145,058 7,894 1,030
    2006 149,083 5,114 1,486
    2007 133,531 3,875 1,316
    2008 121,266 2,380 1,864
    Total 793,957 27,409 7,629

    Total 793,957 less 27,409, less 7,629 = 758,919
    Divided by 6 years = 126,486.5 average vehicles for de-register

    This 2013 there had been only an estimated 33,245 COE tickets. So what will the COE quota be when above vehicles are de-registered? Is it going to be another mess?

    Are the estimated 45% households who own vehicle happy with the situation? Won’t their livelihood face uncertainty?

    When banks and finance companies lose income from vehicle loan, they will try to earn more from elsewhere i.e. housing loan, business loan etc. They will push up interest rates.

    Can the authorities moderate the COE supply?

  48. Maybe a new Blog should be started to write about the COE – Compulsary Organised Extortion – as this subject is having great interest, BUT presently it is LHL problems whereas COE was started dring LKY which have problems solved long times ago.

    Only GOTs will solve these problems as it is the GOT who goes on tendering for the COE. We ordinanry people feels the BUSES, MRT and Taxis are good enough. Let sees if the FREE services provided so far are working BUT i know for sure it will be a failure. Why whould any going to work, purposelly get up early to save that less than $2/=.

    If you get up early by 1 hour, you loose a hour of sleep and who can fix a price for that HOUR. To a MAC boy, it may be $3 to $4 but to an executive it can be few dollars to a few hundred or even thousands???

    The solution for COE is to removes all of them along the EXpressways by increasing the slip Roads size by 1 to 2 times wider.

    The jams on theirhe Express is cause by those kia-siah owner buying foods for their wifw. But why going to exhusb,

    May be husband’s ideas?

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