Malaysia According to LKY


Mahathir Mohamed takes issue with Lee Kuan Yew’s recent interview.  From his blog:

1. Mr Lee Kwan Yew, the Minister Mentor of Singapore is three years my senior. That means he and I practically grew up in the same period of time. That also means that I have been able to watch the progress of Mr Lee, and in fact to interact with him on various occasions.

2. His assertion in his interview with the New York Times that “Race relations (would be) better if Singapore (had) not (been) “turfed out” (of Malaysia) is worth studying. Is it true or is it fantasy? …

6. In 1963 Singapore became a part of Malaysia. Despite having promised that the PAP will not participate in Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak politics, Kwan Yew reneged and the PAP tried to displace the MCA in the Alliance by appealing to Chinese sentiments in the Peninsular. Of course the slogan was “Malaysian Malaysia” which implied that the Chinese were not having equal rights with the Malays. If this appeal to Chinese sentiments against the Malays was not racial, I do not know what is racial. …

15. While Kwan Yew talks about his belief that all ethnic communities should free themselves from the shackles of racial segregation in order to promote fairness and equality among the races, he also said that “once we are by ourselves (out of Malaysia) the Chinese become the majority”. …

18. Whether the PAP admits it or not, the party has always been led and dominated by ethnic Chinese and have won elections principally because of Chinese votes. The others are not even icing on the cake.

3 Responses to “Malaysia According to LKY”

  1. 1 Buck Rogers

    Mahathir’s comment that ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ is racist is odd. How can a cry for equality be racists? If indeed insults by certain Chinese at a Malay kampung resulted in the May race riots, than it could be because the Chinese were simply reacting against the discriminatory Affirmative Malay action. This kind of thing would not have happened in Singapore. Mahathir might claim that Affirmative Malay action was to help alleviate Malays to better economic and educational prospects, but do not Indians, Chinese, Eurasians aspire to the same? Or aren’t he and the Tungku playing the race divide by asking each race to take care of their own?

    In Singapore, there is no such thing. Opportunities and handouts are equal to all. Plain and simple, Singapore got kicked out because the people in UMNO refused to see the bigger picture. Extremists want a Malay Malaysia. I think everybody agree that only the aborigines (Orang Asli) were/are the true sons and daughters of Malaysia soil. Of course, the sultans and the myriad royal families would not put up with a Malaysian Malaysia also. (How naive of the PAP to imagine they would).

    Mahathir’s also showed a distinct lack of math understanding. His quibble with LKY on point 15. “once we are by ourselves (out of Malaysia) the Chinese become the majority”. – surely, if the Chinese of Singapore were to be lumped with those in Malaysia, they would have become the minority; the Malay minority on Singapore island becoming majority. With Singapore standing alone, of course the majority then became the Chinese. Is Mahathir getting senile or was he arguing to bring up the point that “Singapore’s population is made up of 75 per cent Chinese and they own 95 per cent of the economy”?

    From time to time, Mahathir has demonstrated that he is a Malay bigot. Is he so worried that a Malaysian Malaysia would have diminished his malayness? That he and the other Malays would not have advanced and prospered? The only difference is of course not only he, but the Chinese, Indians and Eurasians as well. And that has been the case of Singapore because it is one nation for all, not one ethnic group no matter its size.

  2. 2 YMC

    Malaysia for Malays – a sort of an affirmative action – may have seemed sensible at one time – but the fact of the matter is that the Malay rulers are really quite inept and have instilled a culture of corruption and cronyism into them system with little regard for meritocracy. Its a real basket case now.

  3. 3 LY Lim

    Dear Ex-PM Mr. Mahathir,
    I like to bring you back to a time when a photograph taken on 27-4-2005 with Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, at the Perdana Leadership Foundation. Both of you shook hands happily for the shot.
    I am glad to have seen this photograph and wish the government and people of both Malaysia and Singapore continue to enjoy warm friendly relationship.

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