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Lee Kuan Yew is awarded a “prestigious” prize created just for him by his alma mater, Raffles Institution.  In his speech, Lee Kuan Yew praises meritocracy, especially the fact that in Singapore it apparently makes no difference “who your father or mother is”.  (Silent applause from Lee Hsien Loong, Ho Ching and the rest of […]

Lee on immigration and population growth.  AFP: Singapore needs young immigrants to save its economy from long-term decline as a result of a falling birth rate, elder statesman Lee Kuan Yew said in remarks published Wednesday. “At these low birth rates, we will rapidly age and shrink,” the 87-year-old Lee said in comments released to […]

And that “we” (who?) do not want Chee Soon Juan and JB Jeyaretnam.  Monsters and Critics: Singapore founder Lee Kuan Yew justified the city-state’s defence spending as necessary to resist any possible pressure from its larger neighbours. ‘Without a strong defence, there will be no Singapore,’ Lee said in an interview published by the Sunday […]