Singapore needs young immigrants: Lee Kuan Yew


Lee on immigration and population growth.  AFP:

Singapore needs young immigrants to save its economy from long-term decline as a result of a falling birth rate, elder statesman Lee Kuan Yew said in remarks published Wednesday.

“At these low birth rates, we will rapidly age and shrink,” the 87-year-old Lee said in comments released to the local media after the government disclosed that the city-state’s birth rate fell to a record low in 2010.

“So we need young immigrants. Otherwise our economy will slow down, like the Japanese economy. We will have a less dynamic and less thriving Singapore. This is not the future for our children and grandchildren,” he added. …

The former leader said immigrants should be welcomed and integrated.

“The first generation will take some time to integrate, but their children will be completely Singaporean,” he said.

“They will increase our population and talent pool. Singapore will be vibrant and prosperous, not declining and ageing,” he added.


2 Responses to “Singapore needs young immigrants: Lee Kuan Yew”

  1. 1 ma kan na si

    Lee kuan yew….it si time for you to retired before you died and buried next to peh kooi….dont act like a pharoah….the great Pharoah has ruled the country bigger than 100 times not like singapore( looks like human shit after a big chinese dinner)…..

  2. So, where’s any concrete step in this regard? I want to start my own business in Singapore.

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