‘MM Lee, does your food go through a food taster?’


More free book advertising by the Straits Times:

Q: Does your food go through a tester before you eat it?

A: (long chuckle) ‘What do I need that for? Who’s going to poison me? I’m not a defector from the KGB.’

Q: Do you believe in love, and love at first sight?

A: ‘I don’t believe in love at first sight. I think it’s a grave mistake. You’re attracted by physical characteristics and you’ll regret it.’ …

Q: Is the ‘climate of fear’ Singaporeans feel here partly your doing?

A: ‘Come off it! Are you fearful? If you’re fearful why do you ask me this question? Is anything going to happen to you? Utter rubbish!’

Q: We may not personally be fearful but we did encounter quite a few young people who were.

A: ‘I cannot explain that and I’m not interested whether they’re fearful or not fearful. I think it’s better that they’re fearful and they take me seriously, than if they think I’m somebody they can brush off. That’s all. And if you’re the prime minister and you’re brushed off, you’re in trouble.’

More interview bits here, with some video.  Note that all this material dates from 2008-2009.


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