MM: Your HDB home value will never drop


Lee Kuan Yew thinks there are and will be no HDB property bubbles.  AsiaOne, with video:

“85% of Singaporeans are living in HDB flats and we intend to keep the values of these homes up. It will never go down,” said MM Lee.

The MP for Tanjong Pagar said that home renewal and refurbishing programmes in Singapore ensure that the value of housing here will continue rising.

He was speaking at the launch of Tanjong Pagar GRC’s 5-year Master Plan on Saturday.



7 Responses to “MM: Your HDB home value will never drop”

  1. 1 Homo sapien

    If it does, he just need to say: “I stand corrected.”

  2. 2 LY Lim

    Dear MM Lee,
    I absolutely agree with you on your philosophy to home ownership, it has indeed made our living environment so peaceful, progressive and attractive. This is home truly.
    God bless.

  3. 3 patriot

    Within the lifetime of Lee Kuan Yew, prices of HDB Properties will only go up as he put it.
    The Pricing of the Properties in Sin is in the hands of the Regime.

    Unless there is tsunami or fatal outbreaks of diseases, His words on HDB Property Prices shall stand longer than He himself.


  4. 4 Homo sapien

    No need for tsuanami or disease, the price has actually dropped during the previous recessions, well within His lifetime.

  5. 5 Billy

    My HDB property price “tanked” during the SARS outbreak. !!!!

  6. 6 patriot

    Each time the prices of HDB Properties or for any property in Sin falls, they were followed by higher spikes and that have led to the current sky high property value.
    If no disaster happens, expect it to go higher.


  7. 7 George Ang

    There are some solid truths by logic based on the followings:
    1) Land cost will rise and add up,
    2) Cheaper labour cost will rise just like materials and energy costs,
    3) Any forced sale will be well supported by government and banks,
    4) CPF board remain committed to finance new purchases,
    5) Substantial rise of new citizens create strong demand,
    6) Children of more citizen will drive up demands &
    7) Enough cash to create jobs to sustain active living.

    There will definitely be other scenarios and one may be certain for long periods like two hundred years time. And this two hundred years period start date can be any spot in the time life of history.

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