MM Lee: HDB estates reflect social mobility of Singaporeans


Lee Kuan Yew on public housing. AsiaOne, with full transcript of speech:

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew observed that Singaporeans took great pride in their homes and knew that their HDB flats are valuable.

He said at the launch of the Tanjong Pagar Town Council’s Five-Year Masterplan and the opening of the Active, Beautiful, Clean (ABC) Waters Programme at Alexandra Canal that it was crucial that HDB estates should be prevented from becoming urban slums as they aged. …

He said: “We did not want to keep building newer estates, and have people move out of the older estates all the time.  This would result in transients communities, and would not help in sinking roots as a community.”

One Response to “MM Lee: HDB estates reflect social mobility of Singaporeans”

  1. 1 patriot

    Is there a more transient community than the foreigners turned citizens?
    As pointed out by most Singaporeans, these long time visitors will take off the very moment thing here turns awry.


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