Ruling People’s Action Party losing some credibility among Singaporeans, survey finds


A professor at NUS does a survey that’s studiously ignored by the government media.  AP via Winnipeg Free Press:

Fewer Singaporeans consider the ruling People’s Action Party to be credible after the party’s worst election results since independence, a survey showed Friday. …

Perhaps the biggest change since the election was the resignation of Lee Kuan Yew from the cabinet. The 87-year-old Lee, who is Lee Hsien Loong’s father, was prime minister from 1959 to 1990 and subsequently held senior cabinet positions until May.

The senior Lee is credited with guiding the rise of Singapore from a sleepy port town into a one of richest and safest countries in the world. He also jailed some political rivals for years without trial and sued other opponents into bankruptcy with defamation cases. That helped isolate the opposition, which has just begun to abate.

“One of the factors that will contribute to Singapore’s road to democracy is the retirement of Lee Kuan Yew,” Chua said. “A lot of the authoritarian atmosphere is the result of that one man’s mentality.”


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