S’pore will spiral down if govt is weak


Lee Kuan Yew once again tells people to stick with the PAP.  ST:

FORMER prime minister Lee Kuan Yew has warned of the dangers of Singapore moving towards a two-party system and electing weak and ineffective governments.

The progress made by the country since independence is not cast in stone and would ‘spiral downwards’ with poor governance, he argued in a recent interview with China Central Television (CCTV).

In an implicit reference to arguments made during the May General Election, he noted that many Singaporeans now desire a ‘First World Parliament’ and a two-party system.

‘Their argument is simple. A First World country must have a First World Parliament. A First World Parliament must have a First World opposition. Then you can change dice. I think if ever we go down that road, I’ll be very sorry for Singapore,’ he said.

Campaigning on the platform of a ‘First World Parliament’, the Workers’ Party won an unprecedented six seats at the May 7 polls. The ruling People’s Action Party’s vote share was also cut to 60.1 per cent.

See also an interesting analysis at Yawning Bread:

There he is, warning of catastrophe again if ever anyone should think of turning their backs on his authoritarian, single-party dominant model, and said with a style expressing contempt for the views of the more pluralistic and younger Singaporeans. He had made similar statements during the general election, and popular reading is that those statements cost the People’s Action Party votes.

The more he continues to resurrect such language of crisis, the more he will hurt the PAP and Lee Hsien Loong. The already thin credibility that the present government has on the subject of reform will be shouted away by the older Lee. The hardliners within the present cabinet will be emboldened to resist reform. As it is, one can identify very few genuinely open-minded ministers; Lee Hsien Loong himself is too indecisive to provide real leadership. Lee Kuan Yew’s old-testament-style admonitions will likely wreck what little movement there might be towards a different PAP.


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  1. 1 Richard

    I would like to float a new idea, which neither the S’pore govt. or the public has ever thought or imagine about. S’pore would need a referendum on it.

    Our country constitution has always been a unicameral parliament. How about a bicameral parliament with an upper & lower house. Of course up north our neighbor have it. However their upper house does not serve much to articulate about political and policies issues.

    Having a 2-house parliament, political issues would have to be pass in both house and process to enact some policy would be slower. The considerations here is to have constructive articulations on issues & policies. It will also act as a checking mechanism politically. In a way it would safe guard Singapore, if a not very accountable or with little integrity was elected. The election of upper & lower house would have to occur at difference time.

    However, such a system will have pros & cons….. thus, all Singaporean would have to consider this prepositions carefully. This will address Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP leaders of the fears of an elected govt. that is detrimental to us. There will be a day when PAP would loss power, must we wait until then….

    However for the betterment of the Singapore society and not any political party this idea should be consider by all.

    If, I were one of the candidate who is standing for presidential elections this time I would float this idea. Or I have a political party, I would also campaign this, for the next general election.

    My, observations on the political development and history of Singapore is that. The society here, have mature since our independent from our colonial master.
    The Singapore society are crying out for pluralism not singularity of political views and policies.

    I feel it is the right time!!! now to change our constitution to be more robust. It will take a thesis could elaborate on this proposal. It will be too long to discuss the idea here.

    From someone who is thinking out of the box.

    Concern Singaporean.

  2. 2 LY Lim

    I recognise Mr Lee Kwan Yew’s effort in preserving our nation’s well being. His authoritarian, single-party dominant model has done us well thus far, while “A First World Parliament must have a First World opposition” may sound contemporary and hip to certain extent, has seen the likes of USA & Europe on the brink of financial crisis. Just take a look back at world stock market on 5th August 2011, “the Black Friday”.

    We should progress and change with times, but let us be cautious how we go about it. There is a fundamental reason why Singapore is largely unscathed by tumultuous events around the world. Do read up extensively from more reliable sources and make an independent observation for the sake of our nation.

  3. 3 LY Lim

    Dear founding father of Singapore Mr Lee Kuan Yew,

    You, Mr Lee, are my hero!

    For 21 years, I have kept this to myself but now I feel you should know there is at least one more person who holds you in esteem.

    Yes, Mr Lee, you are our hero!

    God bless.

  4. 4 remy

    There is no need for any politicians in S’pore. You would be better off without them anyways.
    Dissolve the PAP, instead set up perpetual system of leadership selected from your most able civil servants. Change them every few years as new ones come up.
    You don’t have the space like other countries. Policies should be set for referendum. All the important ones have been decided.
    If you don’t grow enough people, you will have to import them. The way you import them now is fine.

  5. 5 remy

    What are your politicians going to debate about or fight for? There is nothing left to be done except to improve on what you have.
    Do not entertain more liberal ideas such as porn or softer drug punishment. You do not want decay.
    Try to instill integrity, honesty, and resoluteness in people as much as you can for as long as you can. Let them vent off steam outside S’pore.
    Wasting time going to vote elections will not create jobs. Demand for products and services create jobs. As first world in SEA, you have the ability to provide both in this new technology world.
    If you want industrial space go to China you are already prepared.

    Pluralism is an illusion,much like communism. Created to give you the sense that variety is better (the other to fool you into thinking everyone is equal). Fine in food, NOT FINE in government. It will make you weak. In the end 5 people digging 5 holes, no one gets the water.

    You will argue in parliament, then someone lose face, then some drag it out. Time lost, Progress lost. Right now you have 5 people digging one hole thats why you have hit water.

    You must refine S’pore further, improve culture and arts, refine and support them. Make yourselves the place to be. Encourage better knowledge of languages. Encourage travel for the young to overseas. Increase military too.

    The hardest is to sustain. But we demand it.

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