Another election winds down


It’s presidential election time, and Yawning Bread has an interesting observation: where is Lee Kuan Yew?

Probably furious in the attic

One person we did not hear from at all through this campaign was Lee Kuan Yew. Had he been muzzled? Or was he more furious with his own PAP and its preferred candidate than the other contestants? This was the second election in a row in which the PAP failed to set the agenda, something he would never have let happen if he had been in charge. I can almost hear him say of the party’s current leadership: What a bunch of nincompoops that can’t even keep the initiative


3 Responses to “Another election winds down”

  1. 1 what?

    Why should a renown person like Lky
    talk about an insignificant appointment?

  2. 2 Penang Boy

    If presidents are not significant LKY would have removed the president post since Independence.

    Presidents are a secondary pillar in the governing system in Singapore.
    They may not made policy or pass laws or bills but they offer a morally image and maybe they might advise the cabinet or whoever is in charge.


  3. 3 what?

    A pet is also useful.

    And there is no need to talk about it
    unless it is to talk about it to the vet.

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