Unlikely for S’pore, Malaysia to merge: Lee Kuan Yew


More from the Singapore Global Dialogue.  CNA, with video:

Singapore’s former minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew said it is unlikely that Singapore and Malaysia will merge in the future. …

“Najib has brought forth a positive view of bilateral relations and the desire to develop southern Johor, the Iskandar region, using Singapore as a kind of Shenzhen. (This) means a complementary set of forces will be let loose, which will make it unprofitable for either side to be unfriendly,” said Mr Lee.

He added: “You want our investments, we want to invest. Having invested, we don’t want problems with Malaysia, and Malaysia which wants more investments will not give us problems. So that’s a positive development.”

Mr Lee also said it is in the country’s best interest to spread its wealth, to maintain “national solidarity”.

“If you have fast growth, and it’s confined only to one section of society, particularly the Chinese, and the Malays are left behind, I think it’s not sustainable,” said Mr Lee.

“It is in our interest to maintain national solidarity, to ensure there is a spread of the wealth that comes with growth, to the disadvantaged in the population.”  …

Asked about his thoughts on Singapore’s recent general election in May, where the ruling People’s Action Party saw its vote share dip, Mr Lee said the “result was bound to happen”.

“Our total dominance was not sustainable, a younger generation wants to see competition, they voted in an opposition party… (but) to have a two-party system is another matter. It depends on the performance of the opposition, the response of the government, and the mindset of succeeding younger generations that come with every general election.”

When asked on how he hoped to be remembered, Mr Lee said he has no desire to be remembered for any particular reason, but he has a job to do – that is to maintain a fair distribution of growth for the country, and to maintain good relations with neighbours.

9 Responses to “Unlikely for S’pore, Malaysia to merge: Lee Kuan Yew”

  1. 1 Ballster


    Lee Kuan Yew spoke as though there are no poor Chinese Singaporean in Sg. He probably have not been to Chinatown/Chin Swee Road for a long time. Anyway whether he had been there or not does not matter as there is certainly more poor Singaporean Chinese than any other Races. It is simply because the Singaporean Chinese constitute more than 70% of the population.

    He did not talk to Dr Lily Neo although his(LKY) own constituency is only not door and he was the MM.

    And what is he talking about Shenzhen which is an integral part of China, is he hinting that Sg will be integral part of Malaysia soon? How can that come about?

  2. 2 Ballster

    My apology,

    ‘is only not door’ should read ‘is only next door’.


  3. 3 lee fuck yew

    What does a lawyer know about economics???

    That goes to show how misplaced the ppl’s faith have in him when it comes to economic policies.

    60%,u need a slap to wake u up???


    Is it Mr Lee Kuan Yew business to make sure that every Singaporean chinese is rich?


    It is something hard to predict about the merging, at the end of the day
    let’s pray for the good for both parties.

  6. 6 Ballster

    Ideally, Lee Kuan Yew should ensure that no Singaporean of any Race is suffering from hunger, no shelter and no money to seek medical treatment.


    So ideally, Mr Lee Kuan Yew should turn Singapore into welfare state?

  8. 8 Ballster

    What welfare state are we talking when those that need assistance are likely to be about the same percentage as those in the top-income bracket. AND AMONGST THE RICHEST IN SIN are some SERVING LONG TIME IN THE CABINET.

  9. Hey sorry to hang you so early, I had a lot of mtneiegs yesterday @ my work, so It’s pretty darn screwed up then 😛

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