Disease ‘has not affected my mind, will or resolve’: Lee Kuan Yew


Lee Kuan Yew follows up on his daughter’s disclosure of his condition.   Today:

Speaking to reporters, who asked for his comments on the news, Mr Lee said: “We learn to adjust. It started two years ago when I was 86. And at 86, many of my contemporaries are either on wheelchairs or aren’t around. So I’m grateful to be still around, although less steady than before.”

He added: “But, as you see, one learns to adjust, and I take steps which are wider apart to maintain a sound balance. I’ve no doubt at all that this hasn’t affected my mind, my will nor my resolve. People in wheelchairs can make a contribution. I still got two legs, I’ll make a contribution.”

2 Responses to “Disease ‘has not affected my mind, will or resolve’: Lee Kuan Yew”

  1. 1 Prabahar


    I am from SriLanka (Singaproe Citizen now) and we heard and read about Lee Kuan Yew from childhood.

    I want to know how we can meet him. Is there any people meeting session or public event to enroll?

    Appreciate if you provide the detail info

  2. 2 LY Lm

    Dear Ms. Lee Wei Ling,

    I am certain you have the best treatment for Mr. Lee’s neurological condition. However you may want to try out a home water spa/ hydrotherapy machine that produces ultrasonic bubbles and aroma-ozone, which can help improve blood circulation. This is like an inverted vacuum cleaner that pumps air into a rubber mat that is laid at the bottom of bath tub to produce bubbles.

    God bless.

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