‘Old friends’ reminisce during book interview


Lee Kuan Yew is back.  Straits Times:

Former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew met his one-time West German counterpart Helmut Schmidt at the Shangri-La Hotel on Saturday.

Mr Schmidt is in Singapore to tap Mr Lee’s views on international affairs for a book that he is writing. The interview on Saturday lasted three hours, and two more interviews of similar length are scheduled over the next two days.

7 Responses to “‘Old friends’ reminisce during book interview”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Mr Lee is 6 years younger than the German and not on wheelchair, so is very healthy indeed, contrary to rumors.

  2. 2 SD

    Sad to see a great social democrat like Helmut Schmidt being associated by someone who has completely different reputation. A rose which falls on shit does not make the shit smell better but it starts smelling like shit.

  3. 3 Concerned Citizen

    It is inexplicable that penning his opinions is more important to him than taking care of his constituents.

  4. 4 Anonymous

    I do not understand why he inherited the whole government apparatus from the UK and yet people call him the Founding Father of Singapore.

  5. 7 lee fuck yew

    jus when the hell is that old fart gong to give us all a public holiday???

    dun reminisce too much with lee Mr Schmidt,this guy should be in coffin soon.

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