Singapore Needs Strong Military To Ensure Survival: Lee Kuan Yew


Lee Kuan Yew on the Singaporean Army.  CNA:

Former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has said that as a small country, Singapore needs a strong armed forces to ensure its continued survival.

Speaking at the Temasek Society 30th Anniversary dialogue session, Mr Lee said without a strong Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), “there is no economic future” and “there is no security”.

Mr Lee said the SAF has done better than he had hoped.

He highlighted the 3rd Generation SAF, which is now technologically advanced, respected and fully capable of meeting Singapore’s defence needs.

Mr Lee added national service is also now widely accepted by Singaporeans.

He said this was achieved because the government was prepared to spend on defence needs over many years.

Going forward, Mr Lee said Singapore will continue to invest in the SAF to attract top calibre people with capabilities to handle the complex and uncertain security challenges that the country will encounter in the future.

On one key challenge facing Singapore, Mr Lee said “the serious problem of a shrinking demography” will “impact not only Singapore’s economic future but also its security”.

The dialogue, with the theme “Security Challenges for Singapore”, was also attended by Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen and President Tony Tan Keng Yam.

7 Responses to “Singapore Needs Strong Military To Ensure Survival: Lee Kuan Yew”

  1. 1 lee fuck yew

    sure,tell the locals to protect the foreigners who come to our homes,piss all over the bed,insult our food,screw our women,offer them high paying jobs,make them feel at home whilst having these foreign trash insulting us as xenophobic and not making them feel at home.

    u think i will protect pap’s sgp???

    i rather it fall to enemy hands then to protect these rich bastards who bully the locals and expects them to give up their lives for a war they(pap) started.

    remember,i hold the gun,i chose who to shoot with my gun.and its not going to be used to protect these scums in white.especially old fart lee

  2. 2 Anxious Citizen

    Like a broken tape recorder, the old goat plays the same old tune with great irrelevance. The only consolation is that when the battery runs out, the rotten ego will at last vanish without a trace.

  3. 3 Sad Citizen

    The same noises from a rotten personality who refuses to expire.

  4. 4 Anonymous

  5. 6 Zain Hamzah

    Fucking idiot build militart to pritect sinkies from muslim malays but allow chinks from china and christian malays(pinoys) to invade singapore…what a moron old…leenfuck yew indeed

  6. 7 patriot

    How daft can it be for anyone to call on the people to protect and defend an invaded land?

    worse, the FOREIGNER INVADERS are invited!!! By the VERY RULERS THAT EXHORT the Locals to protect and defend the LOST LAND.

    DAFTEST Political Leaders not just in Sin, they are, in the World too.


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