Lee Kuan Yew: The next generation of leaders are making a bit of sacrifice


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Former Minister Mentor (MM) Lee Kuan Yew claims that the next generation of leaders are not paid “very much” and therefore making a bit of “sacrifice” to be in the government.

Mr Lee, a staunch advocate of paying out-of-this-world salaries to attract the “best talents” into the government, was speaking at the annual Nikkei “The Future of Asia Conference” in Tokyo.

Commenting on Singapore’s leadership succession process, Mr Lee told the audience that Singapore is “very careful” in selecting its new leaders – by allowing them to work with senior leaders for long years before they take over the leadership.

Mr Lee said that this is important to ensure that leaders understand the intricacies of government and also maintain high standards of honesty and duty.

“I hope that successive leaders will bring in carefully selected people who have got the potential to do more than something for themselves. They’re not paid very much to do that. It must be a bit of a sacrifice, because the people with the potential to be ministers can easily earn bigger figures outside in the public sector.”

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7 Responses to “Lee Kuan Yew: The next generation of leaders are making a bit of sacrifice”

  1. 1 liz estrebello

    I salute you minister mentor lee kuan yew! I hope my country will also raise up leaders like you.

  2. 2 patriot

    I would not call loss of hundreds of thousand Sin Dollars in Annual Income a bit of sacrifice.

    I think it is BIG sacrifice!


  3. 3 Annoyed Citizen

    Only death will shut him up.

  4. 4 Anonymous

    Have not seen him for quite some time, wonder what is his state of health?

  5. 5 Observant Citizen

    Involuntary crapping through his rear in the twilight of his life has reduced the frequency which the old fart poos through his mouth via the mainstream media.

  6. 6 LY Lim

    It’s a calling

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  7. 7 LY Lim

    I volunteered today and came away feeling useful and fulfilled.

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