Deathly effect of Twitter rumor mill in Singapore


Lee Kuan Yew is not dead.  Photo from ST, and ZDNet with the story the mainstream media in Singapore did not cover:

Singapore celebrated its 47th birthday yesterday and as I do most years, I stayed in to watch the annual parade on the telly along with my fellow citizens.

But this year was a little different. This year, many were watching with bated breath when it was time for the ministers to take their seats on the grandstand, waiting to see if the country’s founding father and first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew would appear as he did every year.

Lee, according to the Twitter rumor mill, had died earlier this week.

His supposedly death was a trending topic on Monday but went so viral on Wednesday even my mum called her reporter-daughter to check if Lee was indeed dead.

The rumors varied. One claimed he was brain-dead, while another alleged he was already dead and the country’s national papers were instructed to hold back the news until after Singapore’s birthday celebrations. …

So when the cameras panned to the entrance of the grandstand and minister after minister walked in, the biggest cheer from the audience erupted when Lee finally made his appearance looking somewhat frail but very much alive. The elderly statesman broke into a smile, which almost looked like a snigger and had me wondering if he had heard news about his unfortunate demise.

17 Responses to “Deathly effect of Twitter rumor mill in Singapore”

  1. 1 Disappointed Citizen

    A huge let-down for many who expected good news.

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  3. 3 LY Lim

    To BIGCAT & Gopalan Nair,

    Don’t spread rumours, especially during times as now. You guys should spend time constructively instead of saying harmful things about others.

    Grow up man!

  4. 4 Lenoxs

    those wishing to curse others won’t have a good death themselves! Karma will stake them!

  5. 5 Octville

    Everyone must die but not today. Not the day when he saw to Singapore’s independence 47 years ago. May God grant him good days ahead

  6. 6 selvaloga

    Was indeed very very glad to see OUR GOD FATHER MM Mr Lee Kwan Yew at the NDP 2012 this evening. :):) We are honored to have a leader of such a high caliber. Without him, Singapore will not be what it is today. We wish him many more happy & healthy years ahead. may our father Lord Ganesha bless & grant him good health, wealth, prosperity, progress, happiness & a long, fabulous life. Praise the Lord! My family, my friends & myself, are very thankful to you for a peaceful singapore. We love you, our Godfather!

  7. 7 RT

    Have a big warm cup of my piss, asshole-in-chief.

  8. 8 Annoyed Citizen

    The old goat is still crapping through his two front teeth.

  9. 9

    Not deadly enough, apparently.

  10. 10 Observant Citizen

    If rumours can kill, the old goat would have expired a long time ago.

  11. 11 Patient Citizen

    His detractors wait patiently for the passing of an i(diotic)-con(man).

  12. 12 paula

    Lee Kuan Yew has lived a fruitful life – how many of you out there can claim to do what he has done? So if you have not, do not cast stones
    Mr Lee is nearly 90 years, how mnay of you are at that age – in the same physical, mental and emotional state as he is? How many of you, want to be as Mr lee when you are 90 – still enegetic, still talking to big shots, still caring for his country?
    If you are not any of these – stop your pitiful self – and start developing yourself to be like Mr Lee – for a start – go volunteer for nation, do something worthile, and teach yourself some mannters, respect, and honour the elders!

  13. 13 Amused Citizen

    Lots of walking zombies here who worship an old goat.

  14. 14 Injured Baby

    I feel like kicking that Black MaMa Gopalan Nair’s LAN hard enough to make him a Gay & let shim serve LKY as an eunuch. Can somebody kick his groin with me when we find him? I saw his panel of doctors from other website real solid. I think he really can live 30 yrs more. What u think?

  15. 15 Reflect and wonder

    Just wondering how those who aborted their babies
    during the Stop At Two Policy feel now. And how does
    Lee Kuan Yew himself feels about those aborted lives
    or those prevented from coming into being?

  16. 16

    I delight in, cause I discovered exactly what I used to be having a look
    for. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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