“Enormous” problems if Singaporeans don’t procreate: Lee Kuan Yew


Lee Kuan Yew is back, and he wants more Singaporean babies.  CNA:

Former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has expressed concerns over Singapore’s low fertility rate.

He was speaking in Mandarin and English at the Tanjong Pagar-Tiong Bahru National Day celebration dinner on Saturday.

Mr Lee said Singapore’s birth rates have been steadily declining.

He stressed that Singaporeans are not reproducing themselves.

Giving some simple statistics, Mr Lee said the Chinese reproduction rate is 1.08 – with two Chinese becoming one in the next generation.

For the Indians, the rate is 1.09, and for the Malays – 1.64.

“If we go on like that, this place will fold up, because there’ll be no original citizens left to form the majority, and we cannot have new citizens, new PRs to settle our social ethos, our social spirit, our social norms. So my message is a simple one. The answer is very difficult but the problems, if we don’t find the answers, are enormous,” said Mr Lee.

He added that without the work permit holders to build the roads and homes and dig the tunnels, Singapore would be a very different place.

And without the permanent residents, Singapore’s population would be older, smaller, and will lose vitality. 

“So our choice is simple. Either accept migrants at the rate at which we can assimilate them and make them conform to our values and have others on temporary work permit holders to help build up Singapore and improve,” said Mr Lee.

But for the longer term, what’s important is to have a change in mindset.

Mr Lee said: “Our educated men and women must decide whether to replace themselves in the next generation. At the moment, 31 per cent of women and 44 per cent of men are opting out. Not leaving a next generation. 

“So, just ponder over it and you will know the solution is not simple. But we’ve got to persuade people to understand that getting married is important, having children is important. Do we want to replace ourselves or do we want to shrink and get older and be replaced by migrants and work permit holders? That’s the simple question.”


18 Responses to ““Enormous” problems if Singaporeans don’t procreate: Lee Kuan Yew”

  1. 1 Concerned Citizen

    The old goat lacks credibility in his twilight years.

  2. 2 Confident Citizen

    Singapore will not fold up. May the great leveller reclaim this pest soon.

  3. 3 plebian

    The Hoax is dead.
    The Wishes remain.

  4. 4 Anonymous

    ask LKY to marry another wife and let him have more babies

  5. 5 Laughing Citizen

    More pinkies? … No thanks.

  6. 6 LY Lim

    To the founding father of modern Singapore: Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

    I will always support you.

    You are my hero.

  7. 7 Exasperated Citizen

    The author of the fertility problem has the gall to put the blame on others. May he rot in hell forever.

  8. 8 Calm Citizen

    When death comes, LKY will know the taste of utter failure.

  9. His STOP AT TWO policy KILLED all the goose that lay the GOLDEN EGGS

  10. 10 The man in the quag

    His Policy a murderer?

  11. 11 Unamused Citizen

    A dark and evil man who has lost his soul continues to bore the nation with his tepidity.

  12. 12 Anonymous

    Despite his long lifespan, he is not able to think long-term. How strange and ironic

  13. 13 Unruffled Citizen

    Death stares at the old man and beckons him ineluctability.

  14. 14 Reflect and wonder

    How does he feels facing all the swears and curses in every corners of Singapore?

  15. 15 Anonymous

    is he afraid that the Malay birth rate of 1.64 will overtake the majority? Why? Singapura was part of the Majapahit empire and the johor sultanate (lky kicked the Sultan’s descendants out of their ancestral home near Sultan mosque). God is fair and Nature will take its course too.

  16. …. Lee said the ethnic Chinese reproduction rate is 1.08 … 1.09 for the ethnic Indians — and 1.64 for ethnic Malays ….

    Once the birth rate of a country or in this case of a big town falls below 2.1 births per couple, that country’s population falls. And once it falls to only 1.2 births that population is doomed. And absolutely can not recover.

    So Singapore — little surprise here – Harry long-ago killed it — is doomed.

    And bringing in third-world savages from pagan and/or barbarian places where there is not now has never been and will likely never be a foundation of either Individual Liberty or Rule of Law might build up your tax base a bit and temporarily extend such a Ponzi Scam as Harry Lee’s Singapore is and always was.

    But demographics is demographics. And Rule of Law is only ever built on a Judeo-Christian base and is never other than a faux veneer in any place that at its best was only ever a poor Xerox copy of a Civilized place.

    So, sad to say, it’s Sayonara, Singapore.

  17. 17 Mr. Lawrence Hennessy

    Dear Sir and/or Madam, It is evident, Singapore is the successful Country it is today, thanks to all the orignal founders,islanders,residents,and this is most particularly thanks to the Work of Lee Kuan Yew,in his Role as Leader. The reducing population in Singapore, has a number of reasons, some of which are known publically, others which are as the result of wrong-thinking people (including one well known school teacher/principal coming between man+woman (three in a relationship is one too many!!),and some which have as yet to be recognised. As a visitor to Singapore, I have listened 90 per cent of the time, and spoken 10 . Credit where it is due, Singapore should remember the orignal islanders,including the Good work of your first leader. It is clear Singapore has managed to make a place for itself in the World. The question is Do you wish to have one in the Future??? If you do, then Marriage,Healthy Children+Love is the cocktail prescribed. Enjoy 🙂

  18. 18 Mr. Lawrence Hennessy

    A Marriage Relationship is between a Man+Woman, or if you prefer Woman+Man. Tolerance, I give to those who do not agree,once they do not interfere with my Marriage 🙂

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