Total’s advisers honour Lee Kuan Yew, refuse his resignation


Straits Times:

The 10 high-powered members of Total’s international advisory committee usually meet in Paris. But this year, they gathered in Singapore for the first time – to honour Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Singapore’s founding prime minister, who turned 89 last Sunday, has been a member of the French oil and gas giant’s international advisory board for the last 19 years.

Flanked by four Cabinet ministers and several corporate titans, Mr Lee hosted a dinner for the Total board at the Istana on Friday night. He then announced that this would be his last meeting with them.

“Next year I’ll be 90. You’ll be having a meeting in September. If you had not said it is in Paris, it makes my job easier to say: ‘Thank you, this is my last session’.”



2 Responses to “Total’s advisers honour Lee Kuan Yew, refuse his resignation”

  1. 1 Amazed Citizen

    A bunch of sycophants urging the old toad to croak his last.

  2. 2 Shocked Citizen

    To see the old man talk rubbish is priceless entertainment for some.

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