Public housing must keep up with rising aspirations of people


LKY on HDB.  CNA, with video:

Former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said public housing has to keep up with the rising aspirations of Singaporeans and that the facilities and design of older estates should also not fall behind newer ones. …

I started this campaign 50 years ago in the 1960s, I saw Hong Kong – concrete and tarmac, no trees, no grass, nothing. I decided we will not be like that. We became different, trees everywhere, opens spaces with grass, children’s playground and a clean and safe environment,” Mr Lee said. …

“Everybody owns their own homes and the value of their homes go up as development takes place. Some are unwise enough to sell their homes, thinking they can buy another one, they then find they can’t and have to rent a flat.

“But those who held on to their homes, I’ve seen their property values going up, five times, 10 times, 15 times, 20 times. This was the plan which we had from the very beginning, to give everybody a home at cost or below cost and as development takes place, everybody gets a lift, all boats rise as the tide rises. 

“We are investing to bring it up to date and you pay a token sum, the government carries the rest and HDB has been doing a fine job to give you an environment that you have today,” Mr Lee shared.


25 Responses to “Public housing must keep up with rising aspirations of people”

  1. 1 Cool Citizen

    An invertebrate liar, even to his last breath.

  2. High your highness My Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, HDB owners will all become Millionaire in the near future. It looks and sounds good to many. But what we needs as a NATION, we needed a SOUL.

  3. He is the source of the property bubble in Singapore. When he dies , the bubble will collapse, sell while you still can.

  4. 4 Undistracted Citizen

    An insensate, vacuous and decrepit old man who should be ignored.

  5. 5 Awakened Citizen

    LKY is a zombie of the highest order.

  6. To Observer, Singapore properties will never collapse because of our smallness in size and there are only 2 such places on EARTH, the other is Hong Kong. In physical term, we will also not collapse because we are out of GODS way

  7. To Awakened Citizen, please have fine words for His Highness. IF I am right to said, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew should be called OUR LIVING SAINT & and will live to be a Centenarian. Although he have been meditating for many year, but he mediated not on the right WAYS or he simply have not REACH.

  8. 8 Easy Citizen

    LKY reminds one of Alexander the Great Idiot, who died with empty hands.

  9. To Easy Citizen, you are easy, that is why you do not know what is good and what is bad. Only idiot call other idiot. Everyone died empty handed except idiot bury their procession with them into the coffin.

  10. Patrick: The history of finance and economics has proven that those who say “never” always have to eat their own words. When the time comes, make sure you don’t run away.

  11. Patrick: ps: After checking your web site, I noticed that you are selling properties.

  12. Never means that in Singapore, properties prices will goes down But it will rebounds and the next high is always higher than the last. This is the meaning of never, prove me wrong?
    My family is 6th generations in Singapore and where should i run, as there is no BETTER place than Singapore?

  13. 13 Observant Citizen

    Property agents are the worst scoundrels, bar none.

  14. Any human being can be scoundrels, including YOU. If we think right and does the right thing – this place will be a better place to live and Singapore is one of those places.

  15. Patrick: Are you saying that the people who are less fortunate than you are not thinking right or did not do the right things? Do not equate fortune with ethics, they are different things. Being rich does not give you the right to say that you are more noble and the poor is not. Please remember and take note of this.

  16. High Observer, I said think right and does the right things – no mention of RICH. My home is only a 5 Rm HDB, but i m happy because Singapore is the only country in the world where almost everyone(about 95%) owns a home. This is how to define Rich in my head:
    Most rich people are born rich. Working to be rich will not make you very rich. Thinking to be rich, you can be very rich. The only rich people in this world are those who have REACH.

  17. 17 Laughing Citizen

    Patrick Boo, you related to LKY izzit?

  18. I am a citizen of Singapore who love my country and loves LKY because there will never be another good man like him who love our country and he said that even before he gets into the coffin and heard problems, HE will get up?

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  20. What is and trying to tell US What?

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  22. Great information. Lucky me I recently found your website by chance (stumbleupon). I have bookmarked it for later!

  23. 23 Anonymous

    Informations have to be FACTS and every word written by me is Facts and I have changelle those who wanted to prove me wrong to go ahead.

    Fact 1. We are one of the best country to live in for the Green, Clean and almost crime ‘FREE’ but do tourist see policeman on the Roads.

    2. We are the people who OWNS our own property and almost 95% of US.

    3. WE have the best ZOO in the world and produced the 1st Night Safari and now the the 1st River Safari………….and many more………but in the government department there employed animals to run their SHOWS???

    4. We are one of the richest in assets but one of the poorest in real money terms but almost everyone owes money to the PAP (Pay And Pray/Prey) as they rules us with a (DOUBLE Commonist Way) by sucking every cents you have into the pockets but never tell US where the monies is. Best example is CPFlife. We use to invest with insurances but now it is only CPFlife that you can put your last $ and it is a ‘ÇHEAP or CHEAT’ insurance i do not know. Only insurance adjusters can tell as they are TRAINED whereas at CPFlife the officiers – i doubt they are as well Trained???

    5. We have the first COE in the world and people make so much noise about it. Let me tell you this – at 60 i give up my car and use my ‘kar’ to go around with paid drivers driving me around for less than $2.00 a day for 2 trips. While my drivers drive me around, i read books and newpapers or talk on the phone w/o hand free – something the those EGO ‘rich’ self driver cannot enjoy???

    6. This is my last but certainly not the last as i would like Singaporean with better info. then me to give other TIPS about we rich Singaporean but never REACH. This is what i mean – ask our richest Chinese Teochew on EARTH whether he is rich, and the answer is NOT as at almost 90 he is still looking for PORTS to operate although he is biggest operater now – BIGGER than our PAP government???

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  25. Beauty is not in the look but in the Heart. When i went to China to invest in properties in April 2013 i told the owner that faith bring us together.

    Whether this deal is close or not is not important, i like your place but cannot afford. She did not belive me and my answer – There is lots of money in my bank which i cannot use, the only money is in my heart and if my heart tells me to come back for your house, i will do it and will be leaving China on 14 instant to celebrate my 70 lunar Birthday with my long lost but just found relatives, my mother youngest sister who was not born when my mother leave her homeland to be a Singaporean when PAP became our 1st Chinese Government outside of China and she was 15.

    Believe in FAITH as without this in your life or soul is not worth living. Our fellow citizen complaints of our new China citizens or PR, but without them we are a dieing breed like the JAP???

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